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Various Bohemian long hairstyles

Various Bohemian long hairstyles

Spring is just around the corner and Bohemian hairstyles are not just for beach looks if you want messy braids , half updos and loose waves continue reading!

If you like art, bohemian lifestyle and casual look Bohemian hairstyles are perfect for you. It began in the late 1960s and became a trend in the 70s. Braids are the indispensable part of bohemian hairstyles, regular braids can be worn or fishtail braid is also a great idea for chaotic styles. You can simply add a thin braid to your half updo or a hairstyle to get the bohemian effect. Long and wavy hairstyle with light stratification is the key to a bohemian style. Use some Sea Salt Spray To create natural beach waves or with a flat iron you can easily create soft and messy waves. Complete your look with flexible hair spray. You can add hair accessories such as flowers to your hairstyle to create more unique and adorable looks.

1. Bohemian Summer Braids long hairstyle

Bohemian long hairstyles

2. Bohemian Braid Hairstyle

Bohemian hairstyles

3. Bohemian Half-Fishtail Long Hairstyle

Bohemian long hair

4. Hippie gypsy style with bohemian long hair

Bohem long hairstyles

5. Ice Blonde Bohem braided hair

Bohem hairstyles


Bohemian long hairstyles-6


Bohemian long hairstyles-7


Bohemian long hairstyles-8


Bohemian Long Hairstyles-9


Bohemian Long Hairstyles-10


Bohemian long hairstyles-11


Bohemian Long Hairstyles-12


Bohemian long hairstyles-13


Bohemian long hairstyles-14


Bohemian long hairstyles-15


Bohemian long hairstyles-16


Bohemian long hairstyles-17


Bohemian long hairstyles-18th


Bohemian long hairstyles-19


Bohemian long hairstyles-20

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