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The Trendiest Tattoos of 2019

Choosing your trendiest tattoos is a decision that should always come from oneself. Generally, we like that it means something important to us, since we will see it a lot every day for the rest of our lives.

manga tattoo

Although it’s 100% personal, there are some trends in tattoos, just like hair or beauty. We see them more and more, adore them, then adapt them to our style. For example, you can think of the ’90s, when barbed wire and dolphins were super popular, or even 2018, when boat anchors and infinity signs multiplied on bodies like magic.

trendiest tattoos

For 2019, we were curious to know what we would see on all the shapes at the beach this summer. Dr.Woo, a Los Angeles tattoo artist, especially to trendiest tattoos Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne, has already spoken on the subject.

owl tattoo

As the lifestyle of Quebecers is somewhat different from that of the sunny city of the west coast of the United States, we consulted Ugo, owner of Mauvais Garçons, one of the most recognized tattoo shop in Laval, to validate all and know which makes Quebecers vibrate.

The Most Trendiest Tattoos Images

The Most Trendiest Tattoos Images


We saw a lot in 2018, and it continues in 2019, small minimalist tattoos are popular. There are many scriptures and mini tattoos smaller than a palm.


The faces of animals

The elephant was very popular, and will remain so in 2019, but the new big trendiest tattoos is to get your own animal tattooed. The dog’s face above is none other than Miley Cyrus’s she wants to have with her at all times.

The faces of animals

The cosmos and the constellations

On the fashion side, we’ve seen NASA sweaters appear everywhere this fall. Fashion is changing from fabric to ink as constellations and the cosmos will be everywhere on the skins this year.

The cosmos and the constellations

According to tattoo artist Dr.Woo, “People love the cosmos because it’s something inexplicable. It’s a symbol that anything is possible. We are in an era where social media is everywhere, and information so accessible that we know everything about everyone. It’s nice to think there is still something we do not know.


Jewelery constellations, it’s doubly trendy. While we saw a lot of beads a decade ago, in 2019, the trend of jewelry is more discreet and is carried on small tattoos on the wrist or fingers. We try to avoid lines too full and thick that are not delicate, but we dare the colored stones.

Jewelry tattoo


The roses are a bit timeless, since it’s a big symbol of love and femininity. The trend is more where to wear it. While 5 years ago they were everywhere on the sides of thighs, they are found on the ribs, above the elbow and on the forearm this year.

rose tattoos

roses tattoo are a bit timeless

The small symbols

Small symbols and geometric designs arrived more than a year ago. This year, we like them very refined, and especially with very fine lines, even gray.

The small symbols tattoo

The matching / bestfriend trendiest tattoos

This is the biggest trend of the year: getting a trendiest tattoos with a good friend, boyfriend, blonde, mother … We try to forget the famous infinity or Q and K for couples. We like phrases that complement each other or the same minimalist tattoos.

matching tattoo

The most popular places are the fingers and hands, the ribs, the inside of the arm, and the top of the elbow. In girls, we still see thigh trendiest tattoos, although it is less popular than a few years ago.

bestfriend tattoos

The most cliched tattoos, which are starting to lose popularity, are the infinity signs, the feathers, the flight of birds and the dandelions in the wind. On the trend side, we leave them in 2018, but Ugo reminds us that despite the trends, this is what the customer wants on her body for life that matters.

feathers tattoo

infinity signs tattoo

flight of birds

For a successful trendiest tattoos, the expert advises us to call directly to the tattoo shop and ask the specialist for the desired project before making an appointment. Despite the many photos on Instagram that demonstrate the talent of each artist, they are sometimes specialized in one type of trendiest tattoos only.

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