The Beautiful Watercolor tattoo style
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The Beautiful Watercolor tattoo style

In tattooing, the evolutions recorded for millennia are multiple. Especially since recent years, there are more and more new styles that are emerging. In the 80s, for example, Stéphane Chaudesaigues was one of the precursors of realistic tattooing and still today, he is one of the greatest specialists.

A little more recently, Franck Carrilho landed with his pencil tattoo and the success we know him. In this category of new tattoo trends, watercolor tattoo is becoming more and more common. Where is he from ? What are his techniques? Allotattoo brings you to the discovery of this style that confirms that tattooing is a living art.

Best Watercolor Tattoo Designs


The origins of the watercolor technique

The pictorial technique of watercolor uses colored peppers that are agglutinated in gummed water to obtain a transparent effect. This effect distinguishes watercolor from the opaque character of gouache, and realistic tattoos.

Requiring little material and a time of rapid realization, the watercolor was formerly very appreciated for the external paintings or for the pochades. It is within classical Chinese painting that we find essentially a use of watercolor. A little later, in the course of the 6th century, this technique was also introduced in the West where it was used to create illuminations.


Long neglected from the Renaissance, it will be reintroduced during the 19th century and will find its nobility with the English. The tattoo will be adopted in tattoo at the beginning of the year 2000. And it is towards the years 2010 that the watercolor tattoo will really begin to spread, with tattoo artists such as Sacha Unisex, Ondrash, Aga Yadou or Victor Octaviano.

But it is clear that few tattoo artists dare to rub this style. Because, let’s say it clearly, its realization is a little more complex.


Watercolor tattoo techniques

The watercolor tattoo is also called watercolor. By assimilating to the watercolor painting, it requires a mixture so that the desired transparency can be obtained. Said mixture can consist of an association of the bright-colored inks with water, or a combination of several inks. The effect obtained is very close to the realist.


It is for this reason that the watercolor tattoo is sometimes likened to the realistic tattoo. However, a certain search for finesse sometimes leads to abandon the necessary precision in the realistic tattoo. Better still, this lack of precision, these deliberately blurred outlines, give abstract tints to the watercolor tattoo.

Come on, dare, the watercolor tattoo is a kind of mix between abstract tattoo and realistic tattoo.
















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