• trend tattoos models designs and ideas for women and girls 2019
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    Trend Tattoo Models for Women and Girls 2019

    Trend Tattoo Models for Women and Girls 2019 The trend tattoo patterns designs and ideas for women and girls looks a nice idea.The tattoo trends 2019 are varied and often work in combination. Before you decide on a motive, it is important to think carefully about where you want to get the tattoo done. Neck, forearms and hands or finger tattoos or a tattoo on the foot are just announced. Especially tattoos on the ribs are extremely popular with women, but also extremely painful. The best tattoo models for women in 2019 1-Geometric Tattoos Geometric tattoos allow unique patterns and are suitable for both small and large tattoos. Characteristic are…

  • Arm tattoo

    The Trendiest Tattoos of 2019

    Choosing your trendiest tattoos is a decision that should always come from oneself. Generally, we like that it means something important to us, since we will see it a lot every day for the rest of our lives. Although it’s 100% personal, there are some trends in tattoos, just like hair or beauty. We see them more and more, adore them, then adapt them to our style. For example, you can think of the ’90s, when barbed wire and dolphins were super popular, or even 2018, when boat anchors and infinity signs multiplied on bodies like magic. For 2019, we were curious to know what we would see on all…