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    40 Best Uv Black Light Tattoo Ideas

    In the summer during the day in the office short sleeved running around or serious in customer talks occur, some tattoo fans can only dream. Because: Tattoos are still not accepted in many occupations today, or at least only up to a certain career level. Then it means: hide tattoos, remove or renounce the career. Tattoo friends often have to make a decision for life.B For some time, however, promises a new fashion trend remedy, which is increasingly discussed in the news or on beauty blogs: so-called UV tattoos that are seen only under black light, even shine there. Often elements of conventionally engraved subjects are combined with black light…

  • David Beckham Body Tattoo and meanings
    Full body tattoo

    David Beckham Body Tattoo and Meanings

    The football player David Beckham is one of the stars whose different tattoos are the most watched, studied, mocked, criticized, being the source of a very invasive media coverage. His tattoos seem to allow him to express his thoughts, evacuate negativity and fight adversity, to show his feelings, with regard to his wife Victoria and his children for example. It relates in particular to the body: NEW TATTOO OF DAVID BECKHAM 1- A tattoo design based on a pile of clouds surrounding three cherub angels on the shoulder and arm. These three angels represent his three sons 2- A very symbolic tattoo for Beckham that reflects the personality he has…