• 15 Best Japanese Traditional Samurai Tattoos
    Full body tattoo

    15 Best Japanese Traditional Samurai Tattoos

    Prepare your kimono and katana, as you are about to see a gallery full of images of these powerful and iconic Japanese warriors, for whom honor is a maxim of life. Immerse yourself in this exciting Asian culture with our fantastic japanese samurai tattoos image gallery featuring samurai protagonists. Most Tattooed Samurai Tattoos Of 2019 To talk about the history of samurai we have to go back to Japan in the tenth century. These formidable warriors, considered as the military elite, initially served the Japanese emperor and the surrounding nobility, but they became more and more numerous and eventually ended up forming their own branch within the government of the…

  • 40 Trendiest Japanese Tattoo And Their Meanings
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    40 Trendiest Japanese Tattoo And Their Meanings

    The trendiest japanese tattoo are all here and are all explained with their meaning. In Japanese culture, tattooing goes back several centuries. The Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, were known to have tattoo-related traditions. Indeed, Ainu women were inked on their bodies throughout their lives and that from the age of 6 years. These people who lived between Hokkaido Island and the Russian island of Sakhalin held extremely interesting traditions. Women in this population, for example, had mustache tattoos on their lips to mark their maturity. Some women were tattooed on their forearms. And according to local traditions and cultures, these tattoos on the arms should be hidden from…