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    50 Best 3D Tattoos Of 2019

    3D TATTOOS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW Best 3D Tatoos are always the best type of tattoo to make. Man is a being always in search of progress, it is in this perspective that science and technology have gone through the ages while evolving. The universe of the body art did not stay away from this evolution. The tattoo has not ceased to experience positive growth following the evolution of technology. If formerly we only realized simple images, now we talk about 3D Tattoos. The third dimension is a generic term for a display technology that makes it possible to view images in height, in width and especially in depth.…

  • Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings
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    Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings

    What is viking tattoo? It is a modern visual interpretation inspired by the magic symbols of the mythology of the Germanic and Nordic peoples. When you say “viking”, do not imagine a big beefy mustache with a helmet on his head. The Vikings did not even wear helmets! If you want a real viking tattoo, you’ve come across the right place. Zoom on the history of the mysterious Vikings and the meaning of some symbols from Northern cultures. Viking tattoo: a work of art inspired by Northern fairy tales Who were the Vikings? It will not be wrong to say that the Vikings are very mysterious historical characters. Finally, there…