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Small Tattoo: How To Choose

Today, you made your decision: you will make your first tattoo. The problem is that you want it small, and discreet! (It’s always like that the first time) So, to better conceal this little secret, at work or in everyday life, here is a small guide to discrete tattoo: what to choose, where, and by whom?


Which place to choose?

Here is an overview of the areas most commonly chosen to be tattooed the first time:

the arm: inside the arm, forearm
torso, chest
back, lower back
ribs, belly
thigh, calf
ankle, foot

Also, the areas that have become the most trendy lately:

behind the ear
the neck, the neck
the elbow
along the clavicle, along the spine

But, admitting that you want to make it really discreet, and therefore invisible, here are our tips:


1-If you rely on discretion, do not choose a place too obvious

The fingers, wrist, arm, collarbone, neck, are visible places immediately.

2-Depending on your activity, ask yourself the right questions

What parts of my body will I often leave exposed? Do you wear tank tops, skirts, open sandals? Do you tie your hair? Depending on the case, also eliminate the shoulder, the calf, the ankle, the foot, the neck and behind the ear.

3-You have to choose from the remaining areas!

Thus, and unless you are a lifeguard, you still have to choose between the different places that are generally covered by the clothes, namely: the torso or the chest, the back, the ribs, the belly, the groin or the thigh (the wing or the thigh).

4-Make your choice according to your tastes, and, above all, the chosen subject!

A handwritten inscription will look nicer along the spine or on your side, for example at the limit of your underwear. A larger or better defined pattern will be more prominent in your groin, at your ribs (under the arms) or at the bottom of your back.

Before you start, follow this reflection carefully! A misplaced tattoo, too visible, may close the doors of many jobs. Conversely, a tattoo is also a projection of your personality, and can very well harmonize with an original style. Adapt your look according to the circumstances!


Best Small Tattoo Styles Of 2019

What you need to know about small tattoos

It is important to know that the appearance of a tattoo does not remain unchangeable all your life: a tattoo fades, disintegrates. The colors fade with time, the features become less clear, more fuzzy.

To avoid ending up with a distorted tattoo, illegible, which has aged badly after a few years, here are our recommendations:

1-Do not choose a tattoo too small either

It is often said that the size of the tattoo must occupy the chosen space. For example on the shoulder, it is ideal for the subject to occupy the entire shoulder.

2-Do not choose a subject that is too detailed

The ratio between the size and the number of lines must be reasonable. The smaller your subject, the easier it will be! If in doubt, talk to your tattoo artist, he will not hesitate to be honest with you if your project is unachievable (but not always …)

3-Make sure the lines are sufficiently spaced

The risk, ultimately, is that the lines meet, that they close the empty spaces, and that the tattoo becomes a scrawl in form.

4-Do not expose yourself too much to the sun!

Too much UV exposure hurts the elasticity and quality of the skin, and therefore your tattoo. To be quiet, choose a little exposed area!

5-Beware of what you can see on the internet.

Some unscrupulous tattoo artists do not hesitate to post tattoos with multiple details. Just being made, they are very pretty, but you can not realize the aspect that will have the tattoo a few years later!










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