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Romantic Flower Tattoos and Symbols Meaning

The flower tattoos are considered a classic, especially on women. This success comes from the fact that flowers often convey positive symbols! In general, flowers are a symbol of youth, vitality and victory over death. But what are the symbols of roses, lotus flowers or iris? And what are the most popular flowers in the world of tattooing?

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The flowers tattoos and their symbols!

Flower tattoos, besides their aesthetic function, often harbor a meaning or symbolism specific to the small world of tattooing and these are often the main reason for their election. The flower tattoos and plants mainly symbolize strength in the face of death or survival in the face of life changes. In cultures as ancient as that of the Celts, Egyptians or Romans, this type of symbol expressed in a certain way the growth of the spirit or represented the majesty, via wreaths woven with plants. Pagans represented plants with green leaves that symbolized eternal life. In other cultures, plant motifs represent marital fidelity and fertility, friendship or affection.

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The lily flower tattoos

The lily is a flower that has been used in many cultures and civilizations in the past, symbolizing abundance, purity and innocence in China, fertility in Egypt or sexuality in Greece. It’s up to you to choose the meaning that suits you best.

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In France the fleur-de-lis has been used as a symbol of royalty, and is closely linked to Christianity, which can symbolize the virgin mary. It can therefore be an ideal flower tattoos for those who wish to demonstrate their Christian faith. We tell you more about the meaning of the lily flower tattoos.

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The Most Popularly Flower Tattoos

The most popular tattooed flowers are rose and lotus flowers. The lotus symbolizes truth and enlightenment, but it can also represent the end of a love. Some people ask the tattoo of a lotus flower after breaking a relationship, to indicate the passage of this phase in his life. The rose is a tattoo associated with feelings of love and passion. By varying the color of the petals, different meanings are given. For example, the red rose means love, romance and courage. The rose with the pink petals is a symbol of grace and admiration. A flower tattoos of white rose symbolizes eternal love and innocence. A yellow rose communicates joy, kindness and dedication.

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In the world of tattooing, other flowers are also very popular, this is for example the case of cherry blossoms that symbolize love and feminine beauty. The lily flower indicates purity. Orchid flowers communicate a sense of mystery, and Iris is the symbol of passion. Finally, the daffodil is the symbol of self-esteem, while the sunflower symbolizes loyalty.

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