Oktoberfest has arrived-hairstyles on the Oktoberfest – Hair Models

Oktoberfest has arrived-hairstyles on the Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has arrived-hairstyles on the Oktoberfest

Hello my dears,

The Oktoberfest took place on the 16th of September in Munich. Did you go to the Oktoberfest this year and did you try beer? For the meadow, the beer and the Oktoberfest the clothes Dirndl is necessary. But what is absolutely necessary is a beautiful Dirndl matching hairstyle. Every girl made herself well made for the Oktoberfest and wore a nice outfit. When you mention Oktoberfest, what do you remember first? I think about beer and rolls. But the special clothes and the dirndl hairstyles leave a huge impression. Not?

OK! Let's talk about Oktoberfest hairstyles. Then I'll show you some good looking but simple hairstyles and introduce you to how to style the hairstyles.

1. braids wreath

First divide the middle of the hair in the two and tie with hair elastic the two parts.

Then braid the two strands of hair into pigtails.

Finally, roll up the braids. Do not forget to fix the braids with hair clips.2.Second braid

First, divide off a strand of hair that is behind the right ear. Here's your starting point for the braid.

Then start with the first strand to braid a braid parallel to the hairline. Take only strands from the front side.

After that, work your way until the braid arrives behind the left ear and then braid the other hairs into braids.

Finally, fix the braid with a hair tie and loosen the braid.3.This wickerwork is upside down

First, lower your head and brush your hair upside down in one direction.

Secondly, split a strand of hair on the neck and start braiding your hair down to the middle of the head.

Third, fix the braid with hairpins or a hair tie.

Fourth, roll the high-lying ponytail with the help of hairpins to a loose bun.Do you like these hairstyles? You can try the hairstyles yourself at home and find one that suits your dirndl. Enjoy the Oktoberfest!

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