New trendiest couple tattoos 2019
Finger tattoo

New Trendiest Couple Tattoo 2019

Many tattoo ideas for your couple


Here are the new trendiest coupe tattoos from 2019. Love is a special feeling that we all dream of experiencing. When he falls on us, it’s a bit like grabbing each part of our body. If you have been in a relationship for some time and you dream of tattooing together, we suggest you discover on this page many tattoo ideas to share. Cool ideas and swag for a man and a woman who love each other.
Whether forearm, shoulder, chest, neck, ankle, you will surely find below an idea that will match your desires.
Romantic tattoo, original, hidden, or that will show, in the sight of all, that you are inseparable…

You’ll find a couple of pictures of trendiest couple tattoos below to find inspiration.

  • King and Queen: two crowns, The R and the Q of the playing cards, two scepters.
  • Symbols of love: two hearts, two electrocardiograms (representing the beatings of your hearts that beat in unison), symbol of the infinite
  • Symbols of your union: tattooed alliances (under your own alliances for example)
  • Tattoos that merge: a bird and its cage, two half-hearts, two puzzle pieces … Tetris pieces, a key and a padlock, …
  • Complementary tattoos: a moon and a sun, a bow and an arrow, …
  • Same tattoos: Ying and yang, a compass (synonymous with luck and protection), a bracelet, a feather, an origami animal (to choose according to what your couple represents: a wolf, a lion, a hummingbird, …), a mandala, …
  • A sentence or a word: Find a nice quote or a sentence. Choose the same font or a different one for each one. To find inspiration, go to this page Tattoo phrases on the theme of love
  • A date: your meeting, your marriage, the birth of your child … in Arabic or Roman numerals.
  • More traditional: your first names, your initials or your faces


It is also important to choose together the color of your tattoo and its size. Would you like a tattoo rather discreet and minimalist? Or on the contrary something much more visible and more representative of your love?
Getting a tattoo is an important decision (especially if you take a couple), so you will need to discuss a lot together and not get started too quickly.
Contact a professional tattoo artist near you and discuss the ideas you have in mind.

If you do not know what type of tattoo to choose, if this is your first experience, you can first turn to temporary tattoos. There are many very realistic tattoos that you can buy on the internet via specialized sites. Now you can choose one of the trendiest couple tattoos from here.

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