New Korean Tattoo Style
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New Korean Tattoo Style

As the title suggests, today we are going to talk about new korean tattoos.

Warning ! This article is not only for tattoo enthusiasts. It is also addressed to the readers with the immaculate skin and anxious to know how is organized this phenomenon in the country of the calm morning.

Vocabulary: in Korean, tattoo is: 문신 (munsin)


Best Korean Tattoo Of The Year

In France, what’s easier than getting a tattoo? Admittedly, a number of conditions must be fulfilled, such as having reached the age of majority or of course having the necessary budget to pay the tattoo artist. But once these conditions are met, you just have to choose the pattern you want to put on your skin and clench your teeth!

In South Korea, on the other hand, it’s another story! Did you know that tattoo artists are considered by the South Korean government to be outlaws? Their job is not recognized by the law and they are therefore prohibited from exercising it. In order to tattoo legally, you must hold a medical license. Suffice to say that this rule is not always obvious to follow.

Go to the hospital to get a tattoo? It becomes very complicated and very expensive for Koreans and foreigners to get a simple tattoo. That’s why tattooists started practicing their art in the shadows. Most tattoo parlors in South Korea are in basements and remain anonymous. Their addresses are communicated discreetly through word of mouth.


tattoos in south korea

So how do these lounges persist despite the rather negative view that most of the Korean people have on these tattoo artists and their customers? Indeed, ajummas and ajusshis (in other words, the elderly) do not look forward to scoring this skin for life. They often associate tattooed people with ex-prisoners or even gangster members. On the contrary, this tattooing phenomenon is very appreciated by the Korean youth who wants to be more liberated and open to the world and the changes that their elders, much more straddling the tradition, with which they are in profound gap.

Despite these many misgivings, the tattoo market in South Korea has not run out of steam over the years. On the contrary, he has recently experienced a spectacular boom. The tattoo is more than ever in vogue. Perhaps this is a way that young Koreans have found to affirm their freedom to dispose of their body as they see fit. The tattoo market in South Korea is now highly competitive. The rates there are significantly lower than those in France and according to many testimonials, the quality of work and hygiene are just as good as in France or for some, better.
More than a simple inscription or an indelible drawing on the skin, getting tattooed in South Korea is above all an opportunity to live an extraordinary experience.

In any case, it may be said that this subject has made much ink flow.













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