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Long Term Dotwork Tattoo and History

From a versatile nature, the art of tattooing has been evolving for about two decades. And by dint of evolutions, it is a little competition of techniques and styles that is launched. A style that has long been in vogue for a few months can suddenly disappear, leaving room for others. At the same time, he may come back sometime later, when tattoos fans will be nostalgic and want to go back to basics. That’s about what happens to the dotwork.

Best Dotwork Tattoo for Long Term 2019

The origins of this style-technique probably go back to the hours tattoo was still only the prerogative of some archipelagos. And he was probably also present in the early hours of my popularization of the tattoo. Now that he is back and well settled, in the habits, and if we discovered a little better?


The best dotwork, more a technique than a style

“Dot”, for point, and “work” for work constitute the word dotwork; literally, so it’s a work of the point. A tattoo dotwork is a tattoo whose realization is to follow one another with precisely aligned points, so that one can obtain from a distance the effect of lines, and above all, so as to obtain the desired motif, whatever it may be. . In their creations, dermograph pros often like to adopt it as part of monochrome tattoos. These are single-color tattoos, usually black or gray. The dotwork is adopted to obtain traditional tattoo effects, or for certain tattoos that specifically require the point-by-point technique to be chosen. However, it is also found in other styles, and its results often recall the old technique of the handpoke … And if we made a small dive in history?


Little history of best dotwork, derived from blackwork

If the dotwork tattoo is known to be a highly appreciated technique, its origins remain somewhat blurry. Nevertheless, the probability is high that she had her first hours on one of the tattoo’s mother lands. This is even what all the collected elements tend towards. Around the 18th century, among the various tools identified for tattooing, is the tip. The latter is usually a plant spine, in this case a grapefruit spike most of the time. This point was used to make small dots; but these points were posed with such rapidity that they were not differentiated in the final work. Over the course of practice, it was then that tattoo artists decided to space these points, resulting in blackwork tattoos that were obtained only points. Thus, when in the last few years the blackwork has returned, it is almost logical that some tattoo artists have adopted the art of the point …


Use style
The dotwork technique is used in styles for which the desired result requires pure drawings. Thus, there is obviously the blackwork which is the main style in which this technique is used. And since, which says blackwork says Polynesian, geometric, we can also mention Polynesian tattoos and geometric tattoos. With the 3D effect often obtained, the most symbolic motive for the use of the dotwork is the mandala.













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