How to Protect the Color and Splash of the Tattoo
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How to Protect the Color and Splash of the Tattoo Aftercare ?

We have same problem , at the begining it’s all beautiful nine and after it degrades. And there I speak tattoo aftercare well on.

When you leave the tattooist’s house, the drawing is all black, all shiny and bright. Then come crusts, itching and scarring that make this beautiful tattoo aftercare is permanently stained in a kind of blue-black. But after a few years, the colors fade and the drawing fades, deforms or worse becomes blurred!
The skin is aging, that’s how it is. Our skin undergoes the passage of time and if the tattoo aftercare is permanent, it continues to live and evolve with our body (which sometimes is expensive according to people).

How to keep the luster of your tattoo and keep it beautiful and bright? There are solutions of course.

Already, if you do not want your drawing to be deformed, do not choose a place that deforms too much. The belly sometimes undergoes certain curves (in pregnant women or men drinking beer for example). The scapula is therefore more advisable if you have immortalized a very realistic portrait of your mother in law.

And do not choose areas with a strong friction like the palm of the hand for example because the tattoo will fade over time and it will have to be ironed regularly. The wrist is more advisable if you want the tattoo aftercare to remain beautiful and intact as long as possible.

Cellulite, stretch marks, pimples and all those nice gifts of life will also come to hide your beautiful ornament inked on the skin so try to choose a location that is less subject to these small inconveniences that mother nature loves to offer us.

Tattoo Aftercare: Products, Tips, and More

If there are too many details in your drawing, it may not age well and we will see a big blue stain after a few decades. So do the ironing often if it is very complicated or position it on a part that does not move (not on the forehead either, do not abuse). If it is no longer possible to recognize the pattern of your drawing because the line has grown or your skin has firmed, you can also cover it. That’s it or have it removed by laser but it’s 100 times worse and it’s very expensive, you’re warned.

One of the main tips that specialists give is to protect your skin. Cold of course, but especially of the sun. Preserve as much as possible so no sunbathing without maximum total screen index cream and avoid UV sessions on tattoo areas.

The black becomes green because of the iron oxide because over time, there is necessarily a chromium loss. So do not expose yourself long because the sun will tan your skin and fripper and I’m not talking about a possible skin cancer. If you want to keep your tattoo aftercare intact, also keep your vampire complexion, it goes with it.

Sweating or sea bathing (which also contains salt) also have a negative and corrosive side but know that nothing will prevent thetattoo aftercare from deteriorating with age. Just as pollution can also have a negative effect on your indelible ornament. With the sun and the weather, these are the three things that can tarnish the color of your tattoo.

You must also remember to hydrate and wash your skin, with a neutral pH soap or gel if possible and obviously avoid burns and wounds (but that, in my opinion you agree) and everything that can alternate or weaken your skin. And as the tattoo aftercare is under the skin, take care of it, it is to keep an intact design as long as possible.

The aging of the skin is inevitable so before you brush with anti-wrinkle creams miracles, remember not to put too much on the tattooed parts.
The brand Derm Ink offers a range of products for the healing and maintenance of your dolphin on the shoulder but I think it’s just a marketing thing, even I have not tested so I can not give a real opinion about these special care creams for tattoos.

Come on, because it’s you and you’re worth it, here are some examples of people who have managed to keep a beautiful tattoo:

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