How to cover up your tattoo with makeup
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How to Cover Up your Tattoo with Makeup

Two steps to cover up your tattoo with makeup

The popularity of tattooing is now more to prove. A recent survey conducted by the very serious Ifop agency reveals that 14% of over 18s are tattooed in USA. But it can happen that one needs to cover up your tattoo . Makeup is a good option. How to do it? Follow the guide Allotattoo.

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Prepare the skin

Before you consider cover up your tattoo , it is important to make sure that the healing of your tattoo is complete. Otherwise, not only will you run the cream away, but you may also have the components of the product reacting with the wound-tattoo creating infections. If you are certain that the skin is healed at the tattoo, clean it with a wipe or foam cleaning. Then go to the next step.

Prepare the skin

First step to cover up a tattoo: the application of make up products

Several products will help you cover up your tattoo before the wedding of your cousin who does not like to hear the word tattoo, or before your job interview in a society where it is forbidden to tattooed to cross the door. The first is the covering concealer. Choose one that is lighter in color than your skin, and ideally in a liquid state. Dab it with a brush or make-up sponge to spread it over the tattoo to hide, without wasting your product.

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The second product to apply if you want to cover up your tattoo is the foundation. Unlike the corrector, it must be almost uniform with your complexion. If you use a spray bottle, after stirring the bottle, place it about 15 cm away from the tattoo and spray in spurts. Once it has covered all the tattoo, wait about sixty seconds that it dries. In case you have a liquid or cream foundation, the brush or sponge will help you spread it over the marker, also dabbing.

First step to cover up a tattoo

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After the foundation, you must add powder to cover up your tattoo properly. The powder you use should be transparent. Apply it to the foundation with a large brush. The purpose of the powder is to obtain a matte final layer.

Best Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

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Second step to hide your tattoo: fix the makeup

To prevent your makeup from being erased by the clothes you wear, dirtying them at the same time, or dripping in case of perspiration, use hairspray to fix it. Once you have finished hiding the tattoo with your makeup, spray lacquer over it. Wait a few moments to make sure the veiled makeup has dried. That’s it, your tattoo is now hidden!

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The use of specialized products to cover up your tattoo

If you do not want to spend time on your tattoo to hide it, you can turn to products specifically designed to cover up your tattoo . Available in several shades to adapt to the various colors of skins, these make-up products to hide a tattoo display a great efficiency. Covermark or Tattoo Camo are some of the biggest brands on the market. There is also stage makeup, more durable and suitable for giant tattoos; Ben Nye and Killer Cover especially in market. Finally, the vaporizable foundation is also a good option, which has the advantage of offering a remarkable uniformity.

The use of specialized products to hide a tattoo

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