How to choose the best temporary tattoo (1)
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How to choose the best temporary tattoo

All the stars have, all your girlfriends too: maybe you are tempted, too, to make you a tattoo! Do not dare to start because of its indelible character? Grazia has the solution: if you solve the problem by trying an temporary or semi-permanent tattoo?


Temporary tattoo: style first

Behind the temporary tattoo expression lies a multitude of techniques and styles. The term generally refers to a tattoo that lasts between 2 and 10 days – ideal for a weekend girlfriends or for a holiday in the sun. Of course you know the decals that you probably loved when you were little: they are again fury, but in versions much more stylish!

From the simple design to the real jewel of skin, the decal comes in all the colors you can dream of : you will find golden, silver or fluo decals, as well as color gradients that can not be obtained as part of a permanent tattoo. It is also an opportunity to change your style as a shirt and combine the patterns according to your desires. The effect is missed?

No matter, after two showers you’ll be rid of it! But the decal is not everything: you can also make your ephemeral tattoo stencil, using cosmetic ink spray, or with a specially adapted ink pad. Finally, if you have a little patience and want to get a very realistic result, the Amazon ink is a technique to discover!


Semi-permanent tattoo: a test before the big jump

The temporary tattoo does not match your expectations? Want to go to the next level? In addition to the henna tattoo that has a life of about a month, you can also turn to the semi-permanent tattoo that can last between 3 and 5 years (or more). It is very similar to the permanent tattoo, but it uses plant pigments in place of Indian ink. These pigments are also injected less deeply into the skin, which allows them to disappear after a certain period of time.

This type of tattoo, which seems to be a good alternative for those who are afraid of regretting their choice, is however subject to controversy: if it is not performed by experienced professionals and with quality pigments, it can indeed leave stains on the skin for life … so ask your tattoo artist before you start!


From temporary tattoo to permanent tattoo

The temporary or semi-permanent tattoo obviously does not require the same amount of commitment as the permanent tattoo, and many choose it for the freedom it leaves them.

However, if you are sure you want to keep your tattoo forever, be aware that permanent tattoos are of much better quality and offer better results than all erasable options. It is obviously important to learn about the subject before making your decision.





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