How can I do a Tattoos
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How can I do a tattoo at home?

How can I do a tattoo at home? Ok, this is just for the very brave ones. And for people who are sober. Because as fast as with Stick’n’Poke it has never been possible to stab yourself a tattoo. However, you have to pay attention to a few things. We tested it!

Stick’n’Poke is the latest craze in the tattoo business. The principle behind it: friends tattoo friends. You can easily get the equipment on the net: paint, foil, needles. 10 dollars for 100 pieces, if you want it cheap.

How can I do a Tatoo

How can I do a tattoo at home by myself ?

Razor is then home. First disinfect the work area and lay out with cling film. Then the needle is dipped in color and then pressed under the skin. This pokes a bit, but does not hurt, unlike the tearing of a standard tattoo machine.

But it can also go a lot wrong. If one sticks the needle too deeply into the skin, scars develop. If you do not sting deep enough, the color is not in it. And the most important thing anyway is the hygiene when tattooing. Be sure to use gloves, a needle sanitizer, and a plastic wrap to protect the pierced tattoo for infection.

how can home tattoo designs

You can do tattoo yourself so fast ! 

In general, you should be aware that the danger that it will end up not looking as expected or even worse healed and inflamed, is a lot higher than when you run a professional tattoo artist. They do not ask for nothing that their customers are at least 18 years old and advise them well in advance.

And even if the charm of Stick’n’Poke is the imperfect – crooked smileys and crooked letters are the rule in the first attempts – the method is now offered by more experienced tattooists. For example, our reporter Lydia got herself stabbed by Pauli in her apartment. She paid 50 dollars for the half-hour session.

For more tattoo idea and pictures, stay tuned!

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