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Heartbeat Tattoo Design Lines

The Heartbeat tattoo usually come in a wide range of design and style. They can take any shape and anything can be applied as a tattoo. The heartbeat tattoo is one of the rarest and most adorable tattoo designs.

heartbeat tattoo couple

These heartbeat tattoos will take the form of irregular lines, also called EKG lines. They will be applied in different areas around the body and will come in different styles.

heartbeat tattoo design


This heartbeat tattoo can be applied with a romantic meaning and symbolism. It can also be designed with other symbols to mean something that relates to a person’s life. The tattoo can be applied to symbolize the life or absence of it.

arm heartbeat tattoo

Some might apply it to show that their life lacks something that is very important to maintain them.

pulse tattoo

The heartbeat tattoo can be applied with some symbols to show that something vital is close to their life. If it is drawn with a cross, it can mean that the person is extremely spiritual. Such a heartbeat tattoo could be used to signify that the person needs more of the power of the cross.

arm heartbeat tattoos

The bearer of the heartbeat tattoo will believe that without the power of the cross, they would not live perfectly. The cross in Christianity symbolizes Jesus. For this, the bearer of such a heartbeat tattoo would send a message saying that they need Jesus in their life.

hand heartbeat tattoo

They can be used as a way of expressing love from one person to another. If it bears the name of a person with the ECG lines, it may mean that the person is deeply rooted in the other person’s life. Some say the other person is their heart rate.

woman heartbeat tattoo

This can be expressed in the form of a heartbeat tattoo, to make it more adorable.

back heartbeat tattoo

Some people apply it for its uniqueness. Others apply it to show that they have a new life. It can be a new life from a different perspective. Some have a new life in their love life, while others have a new life in their work.

couple heartbeat tattoo

This could usually mean that they have taken a new course in life and that it has transformed everything for the better.

Heartbeat Tattoos  Symbolic Collections


Like any other tattoo, the heartbeat tattoo can be applied anywhere in the body. Nevertheless, there are some specific areas that heartbeat tattoo are applied to. In most cases, they will be applied to the wrist and arm. They can also be applied on the chest or in the heart area.

placement heartbeat tattoo

On the forearm, it can be applied because it covers the entire part of the forearm. It does not involve a lot of design and style. Lines can be applied near the forearm and arm joints to the wrist.

animal heartbeat tattoo

The heartbeat tattoo of the wrist is also common and is easily noticed by everyone. The pulsation lines can rotate the wrist, or they can only be on the front of the wrist. There are some that are applied on the foot, which could be on the front part of the foot. Some may be on the side of the feet, around the ankles.

heartbeat tattoo placement

Wherever you choose to apply your heartbeat tattoo lines, be sure to apply them in an appropriate area.

Heartbeat tattoo design lines dated

You can have some patterns of heartbeats that have been applied with a particular date. This can be used to remind the person of a particular date in their life. In most cases, the applied date is a proposal date, a wedding date or any other day that is special in a person’s love life.

heartbeat tattoo for woman

It could also be a date when the person recovered his life. That they were sick or that they had a new turning point in their lives.

pet heartbeat tattoo

With these heartbeat tattoos, always make sure you are wanting to choose them. If you have problems choosing the right design, always contact a professional heartbeat tattoo artist.We hope you like our article.

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