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Hair extension strand for strand technique

Unfortunately, if you have a bad haircut, you have very thin and fine hair, or you can not wait for your hair to grow longer, no need to worry !!!! You can get the desired hair extension through various hair extension techniques. One of the most effective methods of hair extension to the desired length strand by strand technique.

Strand by strand method

But there are countless methods for hair extensions, the most famous being the strand offered by strand procedures by companies such as Hair Dreams, SoCap and Big Lengths. All of these companies use bonds made of special polymers that are easy to develop into small clusters of hair that have a strand.

How it works

The extensions are attached to near to root your hair into small sections with the help of polymer bonds. To soften the roles of bonds around the hair, these bonds are initially soft through various techniques. SoCap hair and dreams, both use a heated tool to soften the bonds; Great lengths, but, put Cold Fusion forward, makes the binding softer, with the help of a special tool.

The tool creates an ultra-sonic vibration that helps soften the band. Then the ribbon is folded to make the sections producing the individual minute, straight and flat bonds. Both methods are effective and harmless, if done correctly by an experienced stylist, but the Great Lengths technique is the most advanced and advanced.

How long does it take?

The bonds will grow lower on the hair than strands out. In 125 days, you will be over 2 “farther than the scalp. The bonds will be more visible at this time, or make it a bit difficult to style hair. So, it's time to replace you with new ones.

the process The removal of bonds is the same for all of the companies mentioned. To remove the bond, first apply a gel with the safe amount of alcohol carefully on the tape and then it is pinched to disintegrate, so it can harmlessly push the wisp is connected.

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