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Graphic Tattoo Designs: a Great Artistic Freedom

Graphic Tattoo Designs For thousands of years people from all continents practiced body drawing to differentiate the social ranks that made them up. According to archaeological research, in Japan, criminals were tattooed so that they could be recognized. In Latin America, this practice was used to show that an individual woman or man had gone through a rite of courage.

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Since this period, the reasons have changed since now this practice is essentially aesthetic, even if sometimes the feeling of belonging continue to be associated. Today, each style of tattoo uses various processes and origins. There are also more modern and more complex ones. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the graphic tattoo designs is for you. This is how he was born and why you should be tempted.

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What is a graphic tattoo?

The graphic tattoo is inspired by modern painting and especially the codes it conveys. It is characterized by its abstract and very geometric forms. This is the reason why it is considered simplistic. However, according to the drawings, the meaning is still strong. It’s more in the art that this style will differ from others. Artists seek to have beautiful lines and pure effects. One could summarize the graphic tattoo designs with the desire to present a perfect work.

What is a graphic tattoo

This genre was born in France according to several sources. This is also why we sometimes speak of French Touch and French tattoo artists practice the best tattoo graphic. If you are tempted by this modern art, you might be interested in the following four artists.

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The trend of graphic tattoo designs

Graphic tattoo designs is a relatively new body art. It has developed recently through arts schools. The creators want to get closer and closer to the aesthetics on the skin. Each of them will also develop their own technique and method.

The trend of graphic tattoo designs

This is why we find different patterns such as geometric shapes, pencil drawings, various colors and many more. We can also think that the canvas is replaced by the body to express itself differently.

Best Graphic Tattoo Artists

Best Graphic Tattoo Artists

The graphic tattoo designs and its different styles

As we told you before, artists come out of art schools. It is not trivial if there is an S to the word art, it is because it gathers several disciplines. Depending on the influences, the graphic tattoo can be penciled, watercolor or stencil, geometric or pointillist, abstract or trompe l’oeil. There are many and it is difficult to mention them all.

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This genre represents what can be called the new wave of tattooists in that they today have great freedom of expression. They also benefit from the technological development of the equipment that allows to create permanently.

Some artists specialized in graphic tattooing

First, you can find out about Mikki Bold for whom the graphic tattoo is more a current than a trend. He also thinks that this discipline is not to be taken lightly and that it requires a great technique to avoid missteps. His style is marked by black lines large enough to recognize one of his works.

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Some artists specialized in graphic tattooing

Conversely, Yann Black uses mainly “childish” traits with bright colors. He describes himself as a child draftsman.

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Among the creators who count in this area, we can also mention the American Amanda Wachob who has a non-conventional style.

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For the most part, it’s all about giving free rein to imagination and creation. This is the case for Peter Aurish who is content with the basic idea of the customer without seeking the meaning. He especially seeks to reinterpret what the customer offers him and he realizes a very recognizablegraphic tattoo designs.

technological development

After this article, you realize that it is difficult to define clearly and simply the graphic tattoo designs. It brings together several influences and several ideas. To choose the drawing that suits you best, it is better to do more research. You must also take into account that not all salons are specialized in them and that prices will be quite high. We are far from the flash models, but more in the customization. We must also accept that it is not necessarily you who will decide the body design but the artist himself according to his state of mind.

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