Everything You Need To Know About Mouth Piercing
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Everything You Need To Know About Mouth Piercing


How to measure and choose your madonna / monroe piercing?

How to measure and choose your labret / labret piercing?

In order to choose the best size of your future jewel, here is a size guide indicating useful information to compare, measure and choose a jewel to the right size.

ATTENTION: This size guide is a general suggestion that we support from our piercing experience. Note that depending on the morphology of each or the conditions of realization of the piercing, it is important to consider that the length and / or the choice of jewelry can vary from one person to another.


There are several places for mouth piercing, the two most common are the Madonna / Monroe piercing (above the lip) and labret / labret piercing (under the lip).

Less common, there is also medusa piercing, piercing cocks (cyber cocks, dahlia dicks, angel dicks …) or the piercing smiley.

These piercing offer the opportunity to put a wide variety of jewelry.


Madonna / Monroe Piercing:

Labret screwable or labret clipable

Particularly appreciated with a small gloss or with a real diamond (piercing madonna diamond), the most common jewel is the labret which is composed of a flat platform which will be inside the mouth and at the other end is a thread to screw ball, gloss or diamond. Certainly the most common type of jewelry for madonna piercing, labret bioplast (bioflex) with a clip insert compatible with jewelery to clip: this type of jewel has the advantage of being comfortable while being easy to remove and put back.


Lapland piercing / offset labret:

Labret screwable or labret clipable

For the labret piercing, the most common jewel also remains the labret which is composed of a flat platform which will be inside the mouth and at the other end is a screw thread to screw ball, brilliant , pic or diamond. Highly appreciated for this piercing, labret bioplast ” clip ” will allow you to put a large selection of fine and refined jewelry.

The ring or the horseshoe or the spiral

The piercing ring is the jewel trend for labret and labret offbeat. However it is important to wait for a complete healing (about 6 months) to be able to put this type of jewel.


The first of the criteria to consider is the thickness of the stem (or screwing) that will determine the size of the jewel depending on the type of jewelry you want to wear.

The two most common rod thicknesses are 1,2mm and 1,6mm (bar diameter) for mouth piercing

As well for the Madonna piercing as the piercing labret, the 1.2mm is the most common bar size for this piercing that can wear all kinds of jewelry, from the smallest and discreet to the most sophisticated.

It is also the bar size that is put as a prosthesis when you have been pierced.

For a jewel in gold, fine and refined, 1.2mm screwing is the most recommended (piercing madonna diamond, labret piercing gold ball, piercing monroe emerald)

The thicker and less common 1.6mm screwdriving at this point is often recommended by those who want to wear more visible jewelry or larger piercing balls.



It is important to have a piercing jewel with a bar at the right length. Indeed a bar too short would compress the lip and could be painful, while a bar too long will promote the clashes.

To measure a labret, it is a question of measuring the length of the bar off platform and out of screw as follows:

Note that for the clipable bioplast bar, since there is no screw thread, it is a matter of measuring from the base, off the platform, to the end of it

To measure a ring for labret piercing or offset labret, you can simply take a ring that you already have and measure the inside diameter:

For labret piercing, ring size ranges from 8mm to 11mm, with 8mm and 9mm being the most common sizes.

For offset labret piercing, ring size ranges from 7mm to 10mm, with 7mm and 8mm being the most common sizes.

Alternatively, to find the ring size you need to choose, you can measure the length between the hole of the hole and the edge of the lip: this measurement will give you in millimeters the approximate diameter most suitable for you:

For example, if the length of the gap between your piercing hole and the edge of the lip is 8mm, then you will need to choose a ring with an 8mm diameter.


However, if you still have a doubt about the size of the ring you need for your mouth piercing, we recommend that you ask for the help of your piercer.








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