Eminem Tattoos and their meanings
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Eminem Tattoos and their meanings

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem, is one of the most influential and popular rappers of recent years, winner of Grammy awards and an Oscar for the song “8 mile” movie. Like many rappers he cultivates with many tattoos that he reveals in his clips an image mixing the codes of circles gangsta rap, luxury and show business in which he evolves. Outstanding rapper, producer and actor, he is abundantly tattooed:


1 – On the left arm, he wears a mushroom tattoo on the shoulder surrounded by building in flames and contemplated by a woman’s eye, as well as a tribute to his uncle Ronnie Pilkington, who initiated him to rap and who committed suicide in 1991: “Ronnie RIP”

2 – A portrait of his smiling daughter on the right shoulder, and overcomes a rose bracelet and a tattoo of a car with the inscription “Bonnie and clyde” (piece of LP “slim shady”) also in tribute to his daughter Hailie Jade whose name is adorned on the back of her right forearm in the form of Gothic lettering since birth. This tattoo on his right arm covered the inscription “eminem” which appeared before more clearly, but that one can still see closely. On the other side, he says “Slim shady”, his second nickname

3 – A Gothic tribal tattoo in the form of a bracelet on the left wrist that was allegedly drunk

4 – The “Slit me” injunction tattooed on his right wrist could be translated as “cut me” in English in the sense of a fine and deep incision. This tattoo can appear as a reflection of suicidal tendencies, or as symbolizing, on the contrary, the farthest Eminem tattoos is ready to go in the cutting of his veins: a tattoo

5 – The number 12 on the left forearm and the letter “D” on the right forearm refer to Detroit, his hometown. Both together represent group D12, for “Dirty dozen”

6 – “Proof”: this tatoo was stung on Eminem’s arm in tribute to his best friend Proof, who was shot dead in 2006

7 – Her “Rot In Pieces” tattoo on her belly was stung after a violent domestic dispute with her ex-wife Kim: it represents a grave with the inscription “Kim”









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