Choose your tattoo style
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Choose your Tattoo Style

What tattoo style to choose as a tattoo artist?

When you’re a beginner tattooist you do not often have a clear idea of choose your tattoo style you want to do. We tend to think that we will do everything and that we will accumulate a great experience. And maybe then, a particular style will affect us more than another.

choose your tattoo style

Is this the right step?

I remember, that 2 years ago, I had participated in a tattoo convention in Amsterdam and I had myself tattooed (as a model) next to a box of Polynesian tattooers.


It would never have occurred to these fabulous Tahitian tattooists to tattoo Old School or other motives. Their choice was simple, respect for tradition!

tattoo style

If for some, adopting a particular choose your tattoo style is not a problem, for others the choice is difficult. When we look at some websites that list tattoo artists by city, we can be struck by the impressive list of specialties of each. So-and-so offers mandala and manga tattoos, Polynesian and Asian tattoos and flowers and calligraphy.

manga tattoos

Let’s take another example in the medical field. You are looking for a surgeon to operate on your knee. Who would you prefer to whom? To the surgeon who operates only the knees or the one who does everything?

How to choose the right tattoo style

choose as a tattoo artist

Which one to trust?

The answer is simple: to the specialist. Because in practice it can be sure that it operates on many cases of knees while a more general surgeon must operate only 2 or 3 knees in the year.

Which one to trust

In tattooing, it is the same. Would you, as a customer, trust a tattoo artist who does everything? What will be his experience in calligraphy, if your application is the first of the previous 12 months?

breaking bad tattoo

For my part, if I had to get a realistic color portrait of my favorite star tattooed, I would choose your tattoo style realist and not the “scratcher” of the corner who takes anything and everything because he did not not a lot of customers and he has to live.

tattoo style realist

Friend apprentice tattooist, I know that the road is long in learning tattooing but I strongly advise you to think carefully about the artistic field that you will approach in your future career.

medusa tattoo

It’s better to be “the specialist” in a very sharp field than a shabby tattooer all his life. The path to specialization can take a long time but it is worth it. The new generation of tattoo artists must prove themselves and thus change the tattoo. The proof is, the crazy breakthrough of hyper-realist tattoos, especially from the Eastern countries. When we look back at choose your tattoo style 10 or 20 years ago, we can only see the crazy emergence of new styles (like tattooing patterns from a single line). In addition, the art and tattooing techniques have been deeply refined with the new rotary machines and the latest high performance color inks.


As they say, the future belongs to those who get up early. So, apprentice tattooist friends, let’s lift our sleeves and turn instead to a specialization in the field of tattooing.

skull tattoos

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