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  • 31 Friendship Tattoos -Matching Tattoo Ideas
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    31 Friendship Tattoos -Matching Tattoo Ideas

    Friendship tattoos have served countless words over the centuries. Currently, the most important reasons for getting tattooed are: love: people tattoo the date they met, the name of his or her fiance, a heart with a name, an unfinished tattoo that is complete if it is placed with the other person; the death of a close person who is honored by tattooing his face or the date of his death; a child: his baby’s face is tattooed or his little hand takes on that of the adult; a mother, the classic “motherly love” in a heart. Everyone has something in common: the importance of relationships between people and the bonds…

  • flower tattoos
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    Romantic Flower Tattoos and Symbols Meaning

    The flower tattoos are considered a classic, especially on women. This success comes from the fact that flowers often convey positive symbols! In general, flowers are a symbol of youth, vitality and victory over death. But what are the symbols of roses, lotus flowers or iris? And what are the most popular flowers in the world of tattooing? The flowers tattoos and their symbols! Flower tattoos, besides their aesthetic function, often harbor a meaning or symbolism specific to the small world of tattooing and these are often the main reason for their election. The flower tattoos and plants mainly symbolize strength in the face of death or survival in the…

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    55 Wild Lion Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

    The lion tattoo is usually a symbol of strength. He possesses certain qualities inherent in his condition as king of all animals. His loud roar and predatory gaze make him fear of all. One of the reasons the lion is king of the jungle is his ability to make any animal a potential prey. Humans tend to become as strong as lions, especially those with ambition. If you pursue a goal, you will do everything in your power to fulfill your dream. As a human, you will also tend to defend yourself from your enemies and fight them to protect those you love. Another symbolic meaning of lion tattoos is…

  • Best Knuckle Tattoos For Men And Women
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    Best Knuckle Tattoos For Men And Women

    If you are really interested in having a tattoo done, maybe consider a tattoo on your knuckles. We can not deny that these tattoos are more than ever in fashion, even among celebrities. Let’s not forget that one of the most famous singers on the planet, which is pleasing to thousands of people, Miley Cyrus, has very original and catchy knuckle drawings. How To Choose The Best Knuckle Tattoo ? On this area, we generally tattoo all kinds of patterns of different shapes, small designs matching our look. But before you start, you should know that, statistically, these drawings are one of the types of tattoos that people erase most,…

  • 150 Sword Tattoos and Their Meaning
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    150 Sword Tattoos and Their Meaning

    Wearing a sword tattoos are  way to show strength, authority and even indicate your cultural heritage. There are many different ways to incorporate a sword into a larger sword tattoos design. Meanings of drawings of sword tattoos Sword tattoos can mean a lot of things, depending on the culture they represent. Here are some of the most common meanings: Leadership Justice Bravery Strength Aggression Protection of family / loved ones Taking action / action Cultural heritage Magical / supernatural powers Christianity Unit Freedom Different variations of sword tattoos Excalibur The famous sword of King Arthur is a symbol of royalty, power and strength. The magic associated with this sword is…

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    Mandala Tattoo Mysticall Design Ideas and Their Meanings

    Tattoo Art It is considered one of the best ways to decorate your body because of this today we have for you these mandala tattoo design because there is something very attractive in these incredible designs that they become a part of you, once you have them in your body. The beauty of a tattoo depends, to a large extent, on the design you have chosen. On our page, you have many tattoo options that include flowers, animals, insects and celestial bodies, tribal designs, phrases, quotes and some futuristic and realistic designs. For this reason, do not forget to check our mandala tattoo design section. Mandala tattoos are in the…

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    Laser Removal Tattoo? “It hurts a lot and sometimes it’s impossible”

    The tattoo world takes place this weekend in Paris, and brings together more than 400 tattoo artists from around the world. If you just wanted to get tattooed, choose your tattoo carefully, because removing it can be complicated, if not impossible, explains the dermatologist Isabelle Catoni, specialist in laser removal tattoo. Isabelle Catoni, a dermatologist in Neuilly-sur-Seine, specialized in tattoo removal, which she has been practicing for 25 years. 7 million French are tattooed. The tattoo world takes place in Paris from March 3rd to 5th, in Paris. When someone comes to see me, I start by examining the tattoo to see if it can be removed or not. We…

  • Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings
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    Best Vikings Tattoo and Their meanings

    What is viking tattoo? It is a modern visual interpretation inspired by the magic symbols of the mythology of the Germanic and Nordic peoples. When you say “viking”, do not imagine a big beefy mustache with a helmet on his head. The Vikings did not even wear helmets! If you want a real viking tattoo, you’ve come across the right place. Zoom on the history of the mysterious Vikings and the meaning of some symbols from Northern cultures. Viking tattoo: a work of art inspired by Northern fairy tales Who were the Vikings? It will not be wrong to say that the Vikings are very mysterious historical characters. Finally, there…

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    Graphic Tattoo Designs: a Great Artistic Freedom

    Graphic Tattoo Designs For thousands of years people from all continents practiced body drawing to differentiate the social ranks that made them up. According to archaeological research, in Japan, criminals were tattooed so that they could be recognized. In Latin America, this practice was used to show that an individual woman or man had gone through a rite of courage. Since this period, the reasons have changed since now this practice is essentially aesthetic, even if sometimes the feeling of belonging continue to be associated. Today, each style of tattoo uses various processes and origins. There are also more modern and more complex ones. If that’s what you’re looking for,…

  • Best Realistic Tattoos For Men
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    Best Realistic Tattoos For Men

    Realism is an artistic movement found in literature, but also painting with painters like Gustave Courbet for example, and realistic tattoos for men through artists like Stéphane Chaudesaigues. Appeared a little before the second half of the nineteenth century, it is not framed by a doctrine, it is content with the definition that critics and writers give it. Baudelaire invited painters in 1846 to draw inspiration from modern life. Realism, in response to romanticism, is interested in the social condition that it must represent without disguising reality. The essential aim of this movement is to reproduce as faithfully as possible everyday life. In literature, the most popular and poorer social…