Finger tattoo

Finger tattoo are a new trend on tattoo art. Many people are getting their engagement ring by making a tattoo on their finger. You can find the best models on our website.

  • Gorgeous Harry Potter Tattoos That Will Make You Say _I Want That_
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    Gorgeous Harry Potter Tattoos That Will Make You Say “I Want That”

    SMALL HISTORY OF HARRY POTTER A character created by J.K. Rowling in 1997, Harry Potter is an aspiring wizard who wrestles with his friends against Lord Voldemort, otherwise the rest of the time the young man studies magic at Hogwarts. Harry is rather against Voldemort because he killed his parents, and to top it all this real villain seeks with the Death Eaters to rule the world of wizards. But fortunately, the young wizard is helped by his friends (Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger or even Albus Dulbkedore), not to let the forces of evil win! The adventures of Harry Potter have sold more than 400 million copies and are translated…

  • Finger tattoo,  Full body tattoo

    40 Yin Yang Tattoo Designs and Symbols

    The Yin Yang Tattoo are perhaps the ones that can be seen most often, at least as far as yin yang tattoo of symbols are concerned. This is not surprising, as the figure of yin and yang has a very balanced and contrasted visual result and, moreover, this symbol has a deep meaning, which is easy to identify with. What is important in this drawing is that it emphasizes complementarity, because the two elements do not go without each other. It is important to mention that what matters in this symbol is that a white dot appears in the black area and a black dot appears in the white area.…

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    55 Wild Lion Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

    The lion tattoo is usually a symbol of strength. He possesses certain qualities inherent in his condition as king of all animals. His loud roar and predatory gaze make him fear of all. One of the reasons the lion is king of the jungle is his ability to make any animal a potential prey. Humans tend to become as strong as lions, especially those with ambition. If you pursue a goal, you will do everything in your power to fulfill your dream. As a human, you will also tend to defend yourself from your enemies and fight them to protect those you love. Another symbolic meaning of lion tattoos is…

  • Best Knuckle Tattoos For Men And Women
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    Best Knuckle Tattoos For Men And Women

    If you are really interested in having a tattoo done, maybe consider a tattoo on your knuckles. We can not deny that these tattoos are more than ever in fashion, even among celebrities. Let’s not forget that one of the most famous singers on the planet, which is pleasing to thousands of people, Miley Cyrus, has very original and catchy knuckle drawings. How To Choose The Best Knuckle Tattoo ? On this area, we generally tattoo all kinds of patterns of different shapes, small designs matching our look. But before you start, you should know that, statistically, these drawings are one of the types of tattoos that people erase most,…

  • New trendiest couple tattoos 2019
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    New Trendiest Couple Tattoo 2019

    Many tattoo ideas for your couple Here are the new trendiest coupe tattoos from 2019. Love is a special feeling that we all dream of experiencing. When he falls on us, it’s a bit like grabbing each part of our body. If you have been in a relationship for some time and you dream of tattooing together, we suggest you discover on this page many tattoo ideas to share. Cool ideas and swag for a man and a woman who love each other. Whether forearm, shoulder, chest, neck, ankle, you will surely find below an idea that will match your desires. Romantic tattoo, original, hidden, or that will show, in…

  • Roman Numeral Tattoo
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    25 Roman Numeral Tattoo and Meanings

    The Roman numeral tattoo can sometimes express a particular moment of life that deserves to be frozen forever on the skin through a particular date. Whether it’s a child’s date of birth or a date of meeting, it has changed the life of the person who will wear it forever so as not to forget that fateful moment. SMALL HISTORY OF ROMAN FIGURES  The Roman Empire, despite its demise, has left a huge legacy: its additive numbering system, in other words: its numbers. They are always used to indicate the centuries, the chapters of a book or even to read the time on the dial of the clock in front of…

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    50 Feather Tattoo Designs and Meanings

    The great author Miguel de Cervantes said: The pen is the language of the soul. And today, this symbol is used to express one’s individuality and character through body art  the ink drawings on the skin. Indeed, the feather tattoo designs is one of the most popular. His greatest asset – he adapts perfectly to the feminine vision as well as the masculine one. As a symbol with multiple meanings, this type of feather tattoo designs comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is often combined with other patterns like flying birds, inspirational quotes or words, animal or flower motifs. Side location  anywhere on the body. The…

  • How to cover up your tattoo with makeup
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    How to Cover Up your Tattoo with Makeup

    Two steps to cover up your tattoo with makeup The popularity of tattooing is now more to prove. A recent survey conducted by the very serious Ifop agency reveals that 14% of over 18s are tattooed in USA. But it can happen that one needs to cover up your tattoo . Makeup is a good option. How to do it? Follow the guide Allotattoo. Prepare the skin Before you consider cover up your tattoo , it is important to make sure that the healing of your tattoo is complete. Otherwise, not only will you run the cream away, but you may also have the components of the product reacting with…

  • Old School Tattoo a Retro Style and Image
    Finger tattoo

    Old School Tattoo: a Retro Style and Image

    What is old school tattoo and how are the styles? If you wonder about the answers to these questions, let’s examine the bride. Since the first peoples decided to differentiate their social ranks through body designs, techniques and patterns have evolved. Now, each tattoo style has methods and colors that are unique to its origins. This is particularly the case for the Old School tattoo which has developed well in just half a century. Today, it is well anchored in popular culture, yet this has not always been the case. It has often been the symbol of rebellion and social ranks removed from society. We look at this phenomenon by…