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<strong>Chest tattoo</strong> is the most trendiest place to make a tattoo. If you love big and cool tattoo you can choose a chest tattoo on our website tattoo styles. There is many tattoo styles and categories.

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    35 Bat Tattoo Designs and Meanings for Vampire Lovers

    A unique tattoo that you can look into is the bat tattoo. Although the bat tattoo is not as popular as other tattoos, bat tattoos are usually worn by men, as well as women, letting them tattoo bats though not as often. Like all animal tattoos, bat tattoos also symbolize the characteristics and attributes of the bat. Bat tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways, and they can also be designed with different elements and symbols. In this article we will discuss bat tattoos. Bat tattoos and bat tattoo designs. We will also review bat tattoo designs and you will have the opportunity to see a variety…

  • 10 Butterfly Tattoos Types and Their Meanings
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    10 Butterfly Tattoos Types and Their Meanings

    Butterfly tattoos are true wonders of nature. They live a short but incredibly eventful life and undergo a drastic transformation in a relatively limited amount of time. This is why butterflies are often associated with rebirth and resurrection. In Christendom, butterflies represent the resurrection of Christ and his ascension to heaven. Butterflies are also symbols of love and spirituality. The Greek word for butterfly is psyche and comes from the goddess namesake Psyche, the goddess of the soul. Psyche is often represented with butterfly wings and, according to Greek mythology, she would have fallen madly in love with Eros, the Greek god of love, desire and affection, whom she would…

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    55 Wild Lion Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

    The lion tattoo is usually a symbol of strength. He possesses certain qualities inherent in his condition as king of all animals. His loud roar and predatory gaze make him fear of all. One of the reasons the lion is king of the jungle is his ability to make any animal a potential prey. Humans tend to become as strong as lions, especially those with ambition. If you pursue a goal, you will do everything in your power to fulfill your dream. As a human, you will also tend to defend yourself from your enemies and fight them to protect those you love. Another symbolic meaning of lion tattoos is…

  • Roman Numeral Tattoo
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    25 Roman Numeral Tattoo and Meanings

    The Roman numeral tattoo can sometimes express a particular moment of life that deserves to be frozen forever on the skin through a particular date. Whether it’s a child’s date of birth or a date of meeting, it has changed the life of the person who will wear it forever so as not to forget that fateful moment. SMALL HISTORY OF ROMAN FIGURES  The Roman Empire, despite its demise, has left a huge legacy: its additive numbering system, in other words: its numbers. They are always used to indicate the centuries, the chapters of a book or even to read the time on the dial of the clock in front of…

  • 150 Sword Tattoos and Their Meaning
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    150 Sword Tattoos and Their Meaning

    Wearing a sword tattoos are  way to show strength, authority and even indicate your cultural heritage. There are many different ways to incorporate a sword into a larger sword tattoos design. Meanings of drawings of sword tattoos Sword tattoos can mean a lot of things, depending on the culture they represent. Here are some of the most common meanings: Leadership Justice Bravery Strength Aggression Protection of family / loved ones Taking action / action Cultural heritage Magical / supernatural powers Christianity Unit Freedom Different variations of sword tattoos Excalibur The famous sword of King Arthur is a symbol of royalty, power and strength. The magic associated with this sword is…

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    Mandala Tattoo Mysticall Design Ideas and Their Meanings

    Tattoo Art It is considered one of the best ways to decorate your body because of this today we have for you these mandala tattoo design because there is something very attractive in these incredible designs that they become a part of you, once you have them in your body. The beauty of a tattoo depends, to a large extent, on the design you have chosen. On our page, you have many tattoo options that include flowers, animals, insects and celestial bodies, tribal designs, phrases, quotes and some futuristic and realistic designs. For this reason, do not forget to check our mandala tattoo design section. Mandala tattoos are in the…

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    Laser Removal Tattoo? “It hurts a lot and sometimes it’s impossible”

    The tattoo world takes place this weekend in Paris, and brings together more than 400 tattoo artists from around the world. If you just wanted to get tattooed, choose your tattoo carefully, because removing it can be complicated, if not impossible, explains the dermatologist Isabelle Catoni, specialist in laser removal tattoo. Isabelle Catoni, a dermatologist in Neuilly-sur-Seine, specialized in tattoo removal, which she has been practicing for 25 years. 7 million French are tattooed. The tattoo world takes place in Paris from March 3rd to 5th, in Paris. When someone comes to see me, I start by examining the tattoo to see if it can be removed or not. We…

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    The tattoo style called chicano tattoo style was born in the 1950s in California jails to celebrate the Latino community belonging to those who wore them. Their “Latin pride” and inked on their bodies, prisoners of Latin and Mexican origins, often gang members, and shouted their lives to the world. Gang membership, loyalty to his clan and love for his family, tattoos boast of the values that dictated the life of the wearer. Inspired by Catholic religious iconography, pre-Columbian history and street art such as graffiti, there are recurring major themes such as family, women, God, death, respect and loyalty. What is Chicano Tattoo Style ? The tattoo art known as “chicano” was…

  • Choose your tattoo style
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    Choose your Tattoo Style

    What tattoo style to choose as a tattoo artist? When you’re a beginner tattooist you do not often have a clear idea of choose your tattoo style you want to do. We tend to think that we will do everything and that we will accumulate a great experience. And maybe then, a particular style will affect us more than another. Is this the right step? I remember, that 2 years ago, I had participated in a tattoo convention in Amsterdam and I had myself tattooed (as a model) next to a box of Polynesian tattooers. It would never have occurred to these fabulous Tahitian tattooists to tattoo Old School or other…

  • 40 Trendiest Japanese Tattoo And Their Meanings
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    40 Trendiest Japanese Tattoo And Their Meanings

    The trendiest japanese tattoo are all here and are all explained with their meaning. In Japanese culture, tattooing goes back several centuries. The Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan, were known to have tattoo-related traditions. Indeed, Ainu women were inked on their bodies throughout their lives and that from the age of 6 years. These people who lived between Hokkaido Island and the Russian island of Sakhalin held extremely interesting traditions. Women in this population, for example, had mustache tattoos on their lips to mark their maturity. Some women were tattooed on their forearms. And according to local traditions and cultures, these tattoos on the arms should be hidden from…