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Can you Tattoo during Pregnancy ?

Technically, it is not possible. But you can be tattoo during pregnancy, even if it is not advisable. And rest assured, the ink introduced by your tattoo artist’s dermograph will not come to color your baby, and we can say with certainty that if the Smurfs are blue, it is not related to a tattoo that would have made mum Smurfette during her pregnancy. But, it is best to wait until the end of your tattoo during pregnancy.

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Why ? Because “the fetus feels the pain of moms”, and it is also for this very reason that a pregnant woman is advised to avoid consultations with the dentist during their pregnancy, for example! So we let you imagine that a passage under the needles will generate a state of stress incompatible with your pregnancy which requires calm. So even if you are a warrior already well tattooed and you think you are above that, keep in mind that the stress is sometimes badly perceived, but that your body feels it all the same.

tattoo during pregnancy

pregnancy tattoo

Tattoos When Pregnant

Finally, during your pregnancy your immune defenses are weakened and therefore the risks of infection increase. Obviously we anticipate, “I did it myself and I did not give birth to a hobbit! For all the reasons mentioned above, we can not recommend too much that you do not take risks with the health of your future baby.

Tattoos When Pregnant

Here are the reasons why getting a tattoo is not recommended pregnant:

1- Sometimes when they get a tattoo, some people are dizzy or faint. Most tattoo artists will not want to risk seeing a pregnant woman faint in their cabin.

2- Tattoo needles are very sharp and can be traumatic, especially during pregnancy because the skin can be sensitive. Any unusual stress during pregnancy can cause labor early delivery. It’s hard to say if making a tattoo will increase this state of stress, but prevention is better than cure!

3- The tattoo ink can be partly absorbed by your body or the effects of the ink on the newborn are, to date, quite unknown.
It seems better to wait until you give birth before tattooing.

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During pregnancy, the relationship to the body and its image is sometimes “altered” and you may regret your tattoo after the birth of your child.

tattoo after the birth of your child

In some cases, anesthetists refuse to perform an epidural on a tattoo. If you want to make a tattoo in the lower back, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking action! And if you already have one and you are pregnant, tell your anesthesiologist to make sure that he can perform an epidural if it is necessary or desired.

future mothers

So wait for future mothers, you will have plenty of time to get tattooed after your delivery!

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