Biomechanical Tattoo when the Future Believes the Reality
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Biomechanical Tattoo: when the Future Believes the Reality

The first signs of body drawings date back thousands of years. They served to distinguish a social rank. For example, the peoples of the day marked slaves or criminals. They could also draw specific shapes to show that a woman or a man was married. Each culture has developed its own tattoo style over the centuries.

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Categories of biomechanical tattoo

biomechanical tattoo arm

From now on, it is more an aesthetic way to stand out or to show one’s belonging to a group of individuals. With time and the development of new techniques, the drawings became more complex. Some are even rooted in a modern culture, see futuristic as for example the biomechanical tattoo. He is more and more present in tattoo parlors. That’s why today we decided to reveal to you the origins of this trend.

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What is biomechanical tattoo?

If you can observe a biomechanical tattoo on the arm of an individual, it is mainly thanks to the famous artist Hans Rudolf Giger. He contributed to Alien movies by making fantastic creatures for on the set.

What is biomechanical tattoo

The biomechanical tattoo comes mainly from the world of science fiction. He refers to the myth of the object man and the bionic man. This is why patterns often represent mechanical and biological elements. These drawings are generally placed on areas of the body that lend themselves to them.

bionic forearm

For example, it is possible to find a bionic forearm. The specificity of this style is to be very realistic and thus to give the distorted illusion of reality. The art of biological mechanics often replaces human parts with metal joints and gears, plus muscles and tendons. They are often the symbol of what an individual might have inside.

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Categories of biomechanical tattoo

This style can take many forms. We first find robotic designs that are most often covered by human tissue. The artist seeks to give a metallic illusion to his work. This original art seeks to make visible an imaginary mechanical part so that it is seen inside the human body. We are at the crossroads between the external human appearance and the internal cyborg. But there are also bio-organic images that are characterized by human tissues that are mixed with extraterrestrial traces.

Categories of biomechanical tattoo

When a tattoo artist wants to get into a biomechanical tattoo, he has to do some research, just like a scientist. He will also imagine concepts close to reality. For example, it is not unusual for some to make prostheses to understand the movement of human limbs. There is also a great inspiration in the film world as artists also use futuristic films like Alien, Terminator or the Marvel universe. Thanks to the biomechanical tattoo, each individual can become a cyborg or a hybrid.

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Best Biomechanical Tattoo Designs

Best Biomechanical Tattoo Designs

How is a biomechanical tattoo done?

The biomechanical tattoo requires a very great technique because there must be effects of shadows, relief and depth so that it looks real and really placed under the skin. We must have the impression that there is really this kind of gear in the body. It can also be rips in some places. Sometimes the quality of the shadows and reliefs can give the impression that the work is literally coming out of the skin.

How is a biomechanical tattoo done

This art remains among the body solutions that offer one of the greatest creative freedoms. It is not only a question of being closer to reality but of proposing an alternative that is meant to be real. This will depend essentially on the imagination of the designer.

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Choose the right artist

Even if the processes are often identical to achieve the biomechanical tattoo, it is important for the designer to master specific techniques such as awesome. It is this effect that gives relief to the masterpiece. So if you want this kind of art on your arm, you have to appeal to the best tattoo artist possible to get the best visual effect.

Choose the right artist

You now know the basics about biomechanical tattooing. Between his realistic and futuristic side, he asks for a lot of thought before being tattooed. But no doubt it will make its effect with your entourage.

biomechanical tattoo arm

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