Best Turtle Tattoos And Their Meanings
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Best Sea Turtle Tattoos And Their Meanings

The sea turtle tattoo, all in the measure

The sea turtle is one of the species whose physiology and biology amaze the most. Moving at extremely low speed, it is paradoxically endowed with one of the longest life expectancies. The turtle has been better grounded in popular knowledge including through the famous fable of the fountain, The Hare and the Turtle. Through this fable, it is at the same time the wisdom, “Nothing serves to run, it is necessary to start at the right”, and the slowness that are contiguous to the animal. But this slow nature is reductive, because the sea turtle has an important function in a multitude of bestiaries and cultures, especially in tattooing. Discover the turtle tattoo.


Trendiest Sea Turtle Tattoos Of 2019

The sea turtle tattoo to persevere, and be wise

Various cultures around the world salute the wisdom of the turtle’s way of life. Among Amerindian peoples in particular, the ability of the animal to wait, to persevere, and to remain calm are qualities that he possesses and that humans are willing to imitate. Perseverance and patience are therefore among the most important meanings of the turtle tattoo. Finally, there is also talk of stability, because of the ability of the turtle to remain well balanced on its legs. The tattoo turtle on you could therefore symbolize love, social or financial stability.


Fertility and longevity, both turtle and sea turtle tattoo

Scientific observations have already shown turtles that lived up to 120 years. Longevity then becomes an obvious factor that one could read in a turtle tattoo. This aspect, with a biological quintessence, has been erected as a true belief in China. In fact, according to Chinese traditions, the birth of the turtle goes back to the creation of the world, which indicates the longevity of the animal. To have a turtle tattooed is a way to wish oneself a long life.

In Japan too, we live in the abstract universe of wishes with the turtle, because it would be a good sign, bringing 10,000 years of happiness, wealth, prosperity and well-being. Another culture gives a good place to the turtle, Africa. For various African peoples, the turtle is a symbol of fertility, and represents a form of feminine power. So the turtle tattoo can serve as a symbol of feminist struggle, in the style of Girl Power.


The sea turtle tattoo, between divinity and beyond

The Chinese regarded the turtle as representing the whole world. His square belly was the materialization of the Great Empire, and his carapace symbolized the contours of the physical world. Thus they wrote the message to the dead on the carapace, then put it on fire. The crackling that followed was then interpreted as the response of the afterlife. On the other hand, among the Indians, the tortoise was the embodiment of Vishnu, deity descended on earth to help men.

But it is rather with the Iroquois that we will change a sense applicable to the turtle tattoo. In this Amerindian people, it was interesting to see a turtle in a dream. This meant that the person would be able to face all his problems calmly, and show courage to overcome all obstacles. The turtle tattoo is therefore a good option for those who always prioritize quiet action.













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