Best Realistic Tattoos For Men
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Best Realistic Tattoos For Men

Realism is an artistic movement found in literature, but also painting with painters like Gustave Courbet for example, and realistic tattoos for men through artists like Stéphane Chaudesaigues.

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Appeared a little before the second half of the nineteenth century, it is not framed by a doctrine, it is content with the definition that critics and writers give it. Baudelaire invited painters in 1846 to draw inspiration from modern life. Realism, in response to romanticism, is interested in the social condition that it must represent without disguising reality.

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The essential aim of this movement is to reproduce as faithfully as possible everyday life. In literature, the most popular and poorer social classes are scrutinized. Pessimism is ambient in realism, it rejects the idea of ​​superman or individualism peculiar to the romantic.

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Two great paintings of Courbet are the flags of realism, they are called A Burial at Ornans and Stone Breakers. Realism now extends its roots in artistic movements such as hyperrealism whose purpose is to paint a painting that looks like a photograph. Seeing a hyperrealist painting, the viewer must ask himself the question: “Is it a painting or a picture? ”

Realistic Tattoo Designs For Men

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Complexity of Realistic Tattoos For Men

Technically very difficult, the realistic tattoos for men raises the tattoo artist to the rank of true artist, like the greatest painters. This style of tattooing can be done in color or in black and gray but always requires a great technique and a meticulous precision. Some realistic tattoos are even optical illusions giving the impression that the pattern is embossed 3D tattoo, that it is an integral part of the skin, or that it enters or leaves. With the realistic style, it is possible to have in your skin tattoos worthy of authentic master paintings!

Complexity of Realistic Tattoos For Men

Realistic Tattoo Designs For

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In terms of tattooing, Stéphane Chaudesaigues, creator of Cantal Ink, is one of those who learned to ink alone while studying the great masters of painting. He has developed a rrealistic tattoos for men in color that unlike the old school has no contours. Chaudesaigues, whose talent is recognized in the United States, wants the tattoo to be visually perceived as a painting.

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Among tattooists who engage in realistic tattoos for men , we can mention the equally essential Tin Tin (Japanese tattoo specialist also), Fabricio Mello, Fabien Belveze, Panda, and other tattoo artists and tattooers that you can discover in the photographs below!

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