Best Knuckle Tattoos For Men And Women
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Best Knuckle Tattoos For Men And Women

If you are really interested in having a tattoo done, maybe consider a tattoo on your knuckles. We can not deny that these tattoos are more than ever in fashion, even among celebrities. Let’s not forget that one of the most famous singers on the planet, which is pleasing to thousands of people, Miley Cyrus, has very original and catchy knuckle drawings.


How To Choose The Best Knuckle Tattoo ?

On this area, we generally tattoo all kinds of patterns of different shapes, small designs matching our look. But before you start, you should know that, statistically, these drawings are one of the types of tattoos that people erase most, because it is a very visible place that can easily get tired.

Another disadvantage of these drawings is that they are on a difficult area to tattoo. As the drawings are, moreover, small, the degree of difficulty increases because of the precision that is required to represent such small details. Hence the importance of having a professional who has experience, if you want to get tattooed at this place. In addition one must be aware that it is one of the most painful places in the body, that it is difficult to heal and that tattoos deteriorate more quickly.


It should also be added that this type of tattoo is chosen, in equal proportions, as much by men as by women and that hearts are one of the most popular reasons, especially among women. Hearts are very used by couples. It is a creative way of symbolizing their union, which can also be celebrated by means of tattoos of rings or any other symbol. Frequently, smiles or smiling faces are also one of the most popular motifs, they symbolize a happy and enthusiastic spirit. On the other hand it must be mentioned that the most chosen finger for this kind of tattoo is the thumb that refers to the famous expression “OK”.


The stars also have an important place in the chosen motifs, because they are very easy to adapt to this area of ​​the body, to which they are particularly well suited. Other popular motifs for this particular area of ​​the body are the words Love or Live, which are spread between the four knuckles of the hand, although some words are also popular in other languages. One can also see symmetrical tribal designs, symbols, etc. We can see an example of a knuckle tattoo chosen by celebrities at Rihanna, who has a tattooed Shhh … on the back of the index knuckle.

Finally, although it is a tattoo a little risky it can be very interesting if you take advantage of the area.


















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