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Amazing Cover up Tattoo Ideas

What was the ugliest tattoo you had to cover?

I do not allow myself to make a judgment on the cover up tattoo ideas of people, I am not in their place. Often, I see that the economic aspect was decisive in a bad decision-making or an error of judgment (a tattoo too small for example).

old tattoo cover

wolf tattoo cover

What type of tattoo is relatively easy to cover?
Cover up tattoo ideas that can be considered bad bills are easier to cover because usually they are not very dark and with relatively few colors. Then it takes two to three sessions to completely disappear an old tattoo, especially if there is color in the equation. Depending on the condition of the skin, the area to cover, healing may be slower. Moreover, you should avoid covering a fresh tattoo knowing that the complete healing cycle takes about a year.

new piece over the old tattoo

flower cover up tattoo

People are covered most often what types of patterns?

The first names are often the hardest to assume or else very old pieces that have become difficult to read.

tattoo cover

On all your customers, the cover is about how many people, you could give me a percentage?

We can say that once in five I go over an old tattoo!

back tattoo cover

arm tattoo cover

Are tattoo artists only known for cover?

Yes, there is, after I do not see who, but I know it exists! For example, in 2018, at the Portland WorldWideTattoo Conference, I had the pleasure of attending Guy Aitchison’s workshop specifically focused on his cover technique and I was really impressed!

cover up tattoo

Before doing the tattoo that will cover the old, how does it go?

There may be several sessions to understand the essence of the project, but first I will ensure the motivation of the person. If I feel that there is hesitation or that the person is not open-minded, I avoid wasting time and does not enter the matter so that it finds happiness elsewhere. The cover up tattoo ideas is a game whose only rule is mutual agreement and trust.

People are covered most often what types of patterns

What is your approach to the cover?

My last pieces are essentially work continued by other people, I love juxtaposing, playing with shapes, responding to surfaces by effects of structures or frames, I am always very excited by this kind of challenge and I must say that it’s good to hang on to some constraints, it forces to be inventive and to find solutions. It’s a bit of a game.

What is your approach to the cover

What was the ugliest tattoo you had to cover

The simplest is to redo a new piece over the old tattoo?

There is never anything simple about tattooing! By its positioning, even if you completely cover up tattoo ideas, it remains the original intention of the previous tattooer since you have no choice of location. By cons, as in design, I always tend to give the appearance of simplicity. Even a flat black “simplistic” aspect can be a real challenge depending on what is to be covered.

samurai tattoo cover

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