All Justin Bieber Tattoos 2019
Eye tattoo,  Full body tattoo

All Justin Bieber Tattoos 2019

Justin Bieber tattoo are very known by everyone, the singer has never been afraid to show his taste for tattoos or for Jesus, has just unveiled his chest completely tattooed on social networks, revealing his love of God and selfies of him shirtless.


One thing is certain, the singer loves tattoos!

To accompany an impressive image on Instagram, the Canadian wrote about his “canvas”: “If the tattoos did not hurt, everyone would have … Good, maybe not everyone !! More than 100 hours hard work on my body and I would not remove one. ”



Best Tattoos Of Justin Bieber From 2019

Justin bieber tattoo on chest and torso were made by the famous Bang Bang in 2017. His latest work was made in three days.

The tattoo incorporates others already existing, which the singer has collected for years, the first on the side of his back, dating back to 2012.

On his chest and arms, we see a lot of tattoos, including the words “Son of God”, “Forgive”, “Believe” and “Purpose”. Justin also has several animals: a lion, a bear, a tiger, an eagle and an owl. There is also a castle, eyes, clouds and other sights.


Justin Bieber tattoo collection has an I, IX, VII and V, supposed to represent the year 1975, when his mother, Pattie Mallette, and Jeremy Bieber were born. Justin Bieber tattooed these figures in 2013. Justin bieber tattooed also a tiger on his left arm the same year.

In 2014, Bieber chained with a cross on the chest and a series of tattoos covering his entire left arm. In 2016, the star was tattooed “Son of God” on the rib cage. In 2017, Justin Bieber opted for a bear and a lion on each side of his chest. He also added an eagle with wings spread above the navel.

Shortly after, the interpreter of “What Do You Mean?” started the famous tattoo that took him three days.


“We added two angels, one on each side,” said Bang Bang at the time to E! News. “When I do an epic work, there must be a positive side and a negative side There must be a balance… visually there must be a contrast Under each angel there is a demon who must be beaten, the skeleton on one side and the snake on the other. ”

“It’s symbolic of Gothic art and the battle between light and darkness, between good and evil, Yin and Yang,” he said. “I wanted to make sure that there was a contrast in the subject and the imagery, and what made the most sense to me was a tattoo describing his spirituality. As well as the angels, its guardians, I made sure that there was a maximum of meaning and not that it went in all directions. ”





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