About Us | Meet Our Team

As Tattoostyles.org containing 3 professional article editor in team, currently continues to produce content.We are founded in 2019 years and we managing our tattoostyles.org website regularly.We are making a great effort to give you the best service.Here Tattoostyles.org team’s members;

Yato Varli

Yato Varli born in Istanbul and lives in same city.Yato, who joined our team in 2019, is currently working with us.Yato is content creator on our team.

Yato Guler

Yato Guler is happy face on our team 🙂 Guler is content creating in the same way..Every day working improve to english grammarly and english language speak.

Emin Bilge

Team’s SEO and advertise, planning manager.Born in Istanbul, lives in same city.