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60 Japanese Kanji Tattoo and Symbols

The Kanji tattoo, which are the basis of Japanese calligraphy, are essentially Chinese words. The ancient Japanese borrowed and adapted it in their language. So the words and meaning are the same, only the pronunciation is different. Kanji tattoo and writing in different calligraphy styles are popular in Europe and it’s easy to see why. Kanji are discreet, and percussive, both compact and elegant.

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Characters written in reverse, missing features, bits of sentences that mean nothing, turn beauty into ridicule. Here are some tips for choosing a tattoo in kanji.

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Make sure the word, idea or phrase you want to use for the kanji tattoo is correctly written in Japanese calligraphy. If you do not speak the language do not trust only the dictionary.

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Some ideograms can have several forms of writing. In China, simplified writing of characters coexists with older traditional writing. Japan as a whole has retained the traditional writing of ideograms but a number of kanji tattoo are simplified.

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In the art of calligraphy we often use the ancient forms, sometimes different from the usual characters. Verification with a calligraphy dictionary or master calligrapher is therefore necessary.

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Prefer the true art of Japanese calligraphy to a computer font. In Japan it is considered that ideograms written in ink and brush are alive and transmit to those who contemplate them a vital energy. This energy is called Ki in Japanese.

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She will be with you as long as you wear your tattoo, maybe all your life. In addition, Japanese calligraphy <allows you to create a personal and unique tattoo, even if it is a very fashionable character like Love.


Kanji tattoo accounts for nearly 20% of all kanji tattoo searches on the Internet. The idea of expressing a feeling of soul with such an exotic symbol is very attractive. And the traps are legendary.

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For starters, kanji is not a traditional Japanese kanji tattoo. It is virtually unknown in Japan. But it’s a kanji tattoo style that has become popular among Westerners who believe that Kanji tattoo identifies them with an Eastern philosophy based on geisha and cherry blossoms. No ! As a foreign writing system, kanji tattoo is a minefield on the lookout for unsuspecting Westerners.

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Kanji Tattoos –  Japanese Writing Designs

Japanese tattoo are not based on alphabetical letters but on pictograms that include up to 30 lines of the calligrapher’s brush.

To determine which of its possible meanings applies, sufficient linguistic knowledge is required to accurately analyze the context. Some tattoo can have up to ten interpretations. So, if you do not speak Japanese, how do you know for sure that your choice of Kanji tattoosays what you intend to do, and will not be a source of eternal embarrassment?

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The Kaisho style is an angular writing style commonly used for Japanese kanji tattoos, but more rarely in everyday use. But kanji tattoo can be written in a less readable cursive script called Sosho, or semi cursive, depending on whether the client feels free and fluid.

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After all, the choice of a text style is always a reflection of the personality, just as important as the thought that the kanji tattoo conveys. In fact, some master calligraphers insist that it is not necessary to know the meaning of a written symbol. Because what matters most in calligraphy is line and rhythm. They are a reflection of the state of mind.

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A Japanese calligrapher follows a traditional training, under the ruthless eye of a master. Each stroke of a pencil follows a prescribed order, it is never arbitrary. If a single mistake is made, the student must start again on expensive paper, using carefully hand-made ink.

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Practicing under such extreme pressure, the apprentice must locate this place in the deepest part of the interior, away from shame. In other words, the student learns to overcome doubt and, in so doing, discovers the truth of the mystic’s claim that true victory is victory over oneself.

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The kanji tattoos that write a Haiku are again very popular popularity. A Haiku is a poem composed of only a few syllables that captures the present moment. But for that, find a native Japanese to write your haiku. Because the bad kanji tattoo can bring you a new big humiliation.

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