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55 Wild Lion Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

The lion tattoo is usually a symbol of strength. He possesses certain qualities inherent in his condition as king of all animals. His loud roar and predatory gaze make him fear of all. One of the reasons the lion is king of the jungle is his ability to make any animal a potential prey. Humans tend to become as strong as lions, especially those with ambition. If you pursue a goal, you will do everything in your power to fulfill your dream. As a human, you will also tend to defend yourself from your enemies and fight them to protect those you love.

arm lion tattoo

lion tattoo arm

Another symbolic meaning of lion tattoos is authority and dominance. The lion is in charge of the whole animal kingdom: he is responsible for the administration of justice and peace. Humans, just like lions, govern the world in which they live and play the role of administrator of all things available in the world. As you can see, humans have many things in common with the lion.

boobs lion tattoo

A lion tattoo can also represent wisdom. The lion is a smart animal. He oversees the whole animal kingdom with an eagle eye; that is why the lion is often compared to the man. When you wear this type oflionlion tattoo, others automatically look at you with respect. They naturally think that you are a person filled with wisdom and authority.

lion tattoos

For each person, a lion tattoo will mean different things. If you do not find the meaning of your tattoo above, do not worry because it is only the most common and general meanings. You can create your own meaning for the tattoo you wear. Just make sure that this meaning matches the symbols included in the drawing.

butt lion tattoo

Types of Lion Tattoos

Here are some examples of drawings for your lion tattoo:

1. Lion head tattoo

It is usually a type of large lion tattoo. Tattoos of lion’s heads are a great representation of power and strength. The lion is the “King of the Jungle”. All other animals fear this feline because of its incredible strength and remarkable agility. When compared to humans, the lion’s strength symbolizes perseverance. Some people never give up in the face of adversity. Having this type of lion tattoos on your body simply means that you have the strength to persevere and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

blue lion tattoo

2. Rasta lion tattoo

It is a particularly unique design that is appreciated by many people around the world. This type of tattoo houses, for many who wear it, religious and spiritual significance. Usually, this lion tattoo is associated with the crown of a king. As the lion occupies the highest position in the animal hierarchy, he deserves his own crown. When you wear this tattooed drawing on the body, you show others that you are a person worthy of respect and love. This lion tattoo also promotes the acceptance of different cultures and the respect of other people’s beliefs.

hand lion tattoo

3. Lioness tattoo

If the lion is the king of the jungle, we can say that the lioness is the queen. The lioness, female lion, is also highly respected in the animal kingdom. She works alongside her king. Usually, the lioness symbolizes motherhood and family. Since in addition to hunting for her family, she takes care of her young, she can be compared to a modern mother. The lioness seems to be a ferocious beast but she still has a soft side to her family. The lioness is also a symbol of protection. Many think that this lion tattoo can keep the dangers and harm away from the wearer.

lion tattoo for women

Ideal place for lion tattoos

The tattoos of lions can be indifferently large or small. The place where you will place your lion tattoo will depend on the size of it. For example, if you want a tattoo about 40 cm by 25 cm, you will have no choice but to place it on your back or on your chest. These two parts of the body are the only ones capable of hosting this type of tattoo.

humanoid lion tattoo

For those who wish to acquire a small lion tattoo, places like the area placed a little behind the ears and that of the shoulders will be fine. Placing this type of lion tattoo behind your ear can give you a sexy vibration. And the shoulders make the lion tattoos more visible and remarkable.

back lion tattoo

You can also place your lion tattoo on your thighs. It is also a very sexy place for tattoos because not everyone will be allowed to see it. Only the people closest to you will have the privilege to see this beautiful lion tattoo drawn on your thigh. No one will be able to see your tattoo without your permission, unless you wear a bikini in a public place.

shoulder lion tattoo

realistic lion tattoo

lions tattoo

lion tattoo shoulder

colorful lion tattoos

colorful lion tattoo

wild lion tattoo

full body lion tattoo

full back lion tattoo

leg lion tattoos

underboob lion tattoo

illustration lion tattoo

minimal lion tattoo

ass lion tattoo

lion family tattoo

leg lion tattoo

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