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50 Feather Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The great author Miguel de Cervantes said: The pen is the language of the soul. And today, this symbol is used to express one’s individuality and character through body art  the ink drawings on the skin. Indeed, the feather tattoo designs is one of the most popular. His greatest asset – he adapts perfectly to the feminine vision as well as the masculine one. As a symbol with multiple meanings, this type of feather tattoo designs comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It is often combined with other patterns like flying birds, inspirational quotes or words, animal or flower motifs. Side location  anywhere on the body. The feather tattoo designs is also adored by many celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Leona Lewis. If we have managed to attract your interest, we invite you to dive into the feather tattoo designs world by examining our selection of the best designs on the internet. Find out what are the secret messages of feather ink designs and if you’re inspired enough, try such a bodily decoration even for a temporary effect.

feather tattoo

Feather tattoo designs with flying birds – inspiring design and symbol of freedom and passion for adventure

feather tattoos

The feather tattoo designs and the different cultures

Often encountered in the history or religion of many cultures, the pen has many associations. Thus we distinguish four main types of symbols of the feather according to the different cultures, notably:

feathers tattoo

In the culture of Amerindian peoples, the pen represents a relationship with the spiritual world. In the past, Aboriginal leaders wore feathers as symbols of their wisdom, honor, trust, power and freedom. The feather tattoo designs in Native American feather design is therefore associated with all these qualities. The feather was also part of the vision of the Amerindian warriors. In this case, the pen is a symbol of courage because it was obtained especially after a battle feat. So, if you have overcome great adventures or hardships in your life, you can opt for a Native American feather tattoo designs.

feathers tattoos

In Egyptian women, the feather is associated with the gods of heaven. The father of the earth and god of the air – Shu, was often depicted with a feather in his hair. The goddess of truth and justice – Ma’at (the daughter of the sun god Ra) is also illustrated with ostrich feathers.

arm feather tattoo

Symbolism in Christianity. Here, feathers and birds represent spirit and closeness to God. One of the best-known stories is the flood of waters where Noah sees a dove that carries hope, peace and faith. The silhouettes of angels and their wings are also among the popular tattoos.

The feather also appears as a symbol in Celtic culture. The god Morrigan wears a coat made of crow feathers. This coat, transforming him into a raven, allowed him to fly during battles and thus manipulate his opponents. This represents a different or more informed point of view. Feather tattoo designscan have a similar meaning.

butterfly feather tattoo

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The pen is a sign of various conceptions in different cultures

The feather tattoo designs and the different types of birds

minimalist feather tattoo

The eagle feather tattoo designs symbolizes courage, strength and perseverance. As the eagle is known for its supremacy among all types of birds, it is associated with authority. In Chinese culture, the eagle is represented in black and white to show the balance between darkness and light.

bird feather tattoo

The owl feather tattoo designs combines with intelligence and good culture. In Greek mythology, the owl is the symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Aside from this meaning, the owl can also symbolize a spiritual inclination (view the proximity between the bird and the sky). The peacock feather tattoo designs are a symbol of beauty and royalty. He is also associated with rebirth and creativity. Eyes on peacock feathers have two meanings. On the one hand, they are called “the eyes of the devil” (who can protect you) and on the other hand they show that you are brave enough to overcome all the adventures and obstacles in life.

peacock feather tattoo

Feather tattoo designs according to the color:

rainbow feather tattoo

White feather. Pigeons that are the symbol of peace have white feathers. That’s why, the feather tattoo designs in this color is associated with purity, marriage and holiness.

white feather tatttoo

Red feather. Like roses, red feathers symbolize passion. They are also associated with the legendary bird – the phoenix that is known for its strength and power to be reborn from ashes.

red feather tattoo

Blue feather. Blue is always associated with the sky. That’s where the blue feather tattoo designs symbolizes inspiration and peace. As a rarer choice, it is also a perfect variant for men.

blue feather tattoo

Yellow feather. Linked to intelligence and mental alertness, tattoos with yellow feather tattoo designs are a sign of concentration and topicality.

yellow feather tattoo

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