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5 Tips to know about Eyebrow Tattoos

Don’t let the eyebrow tattoos scare you. In our article we gave a lot of information about eyebrow tattoos. Let’s examine the herp together.

For several years, it’s madness around the eyebrows! We are all looking for perfect eyebrows, well drawn, well arched . Pencils, ointments, makeup … tons of options available to us to rework.Many women opt for dermopigmentation (in other words the tattooing eyebrows) We thought it was interesting to make a point about Babillages.

eyebrow tattoos

1 – The search for the perfect eyebrow

Everyone can get a tattoo of the eyebrows. It can be used when you have little, or because of chemo or alopecia areata, but also when you have normal eyebrows just to refine their beauty. Tattooing them makes it possible to draw them, to balance them, to make them more available or thicker, longer, etc. Because tattooing his eyebrows brings a perfect line, where no one has really balanced eyebrows (there is always a higher one, less provided, more shifted.). The eyebrow tattoos also allows, around forty, lifter the look by raising a little curve, when the eyelid collapses.

perfect eyebrows

2 – We choose the technique of hair

This is the most natural technique to date tattooing eyebrows. The pro tattooed eyebrows and trompe l’oeil, creating fake hair eyebrow tattoos. This is not a technique where we fill everything (as we sometimes see with horror in the street), it’s just small curved lines more or less thick that merge under the real hair for this ultra-natural. We keep transparency, as with Mother Nature: a little skin, a few eyebrows .

we choose the technique of hair

3 – We can gain expressiveness

Some people can give themselves a little more affirmation by tattooing their eyebrows, because the eyebrow is the “frame” of the face. Others, on the other hand, can soften their gaze, it is enough for that to slightly round a sharp curve.

how eyebrow tattoo

The technique is more and more followers, all you need to know.

Best Eyebrow Tattoos

4 – It hurts?

The session is uncomfortable because it pecks because of the needle and there is the vibration of the device, but it is quite bearable. It is then allowed to heal the eyebrow tattoos in the open air without putting anything on it for 5 days, neither makeup nor care product and avoiding water (and therefore sports because perspiration does not help the eyebrow tattoos to fix). Do not scratch the following days. The tattoo lasts about 2-3 years but fades, so we can make retouching.

eyebrow medical

5 – Price and security

It’s been more than 10 years that the price is between 290 and 350 dollars. If it’s really cheaper, it is likely that the products are not very good quality … Anyway, the BASE before choosing a eyebrow tattoos is to look at his pictures of customers before- after, to judge his know-how. She must also have declared her activity to the ARS and display in her shop the certificate, proving that she has followed a mandatory 3 day professional training in health and safety.

price and security eyebrow tattoos

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