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45 Best Spine Tattoos Design and Ideas

The spine tattoos are a very sensual location to accommodate a tattoo. In addition, this site offers a discretion, sometimes sought, since a tshirt is enough to hide a spine tattoos.

This spine tattoos will be revealed under a summer dress or at the beach.

This location is ideal if you do not want to show off your tattoos: this choice symbolizes, too, a very personal meaning behind a spine tattoos

colorful spine tattoos

Of course, the meaning of a tattoo  depends on the pattern used.

flower spine tattoo

The meaning remains personal and unique to each individual.

forest spine tattoo

However, despite personal significance, some patterns are found and found in the back of tattooed people:

Letters that follow the spine: they can mean anything and everything.

rose flower spine tattoo

Tattoos represent a realistic spine with, sometimes, an extension on the ribs.

spine tattoo back

The Seven Hindu Chakras: The spine is a part of the “long” body that allows a sequence of concordant patterns.

mandala spine tattoo

Lotus flowers accompanied by a unalome: these very feminine patterns are very pleasing.

lotus spine tattoo

To talk about pain, you will not be surprised if we repeat that the pain during the tattoo act is subjective according to the individual.

lotus spine tattoos

Some, during a spine tattoos, will feel an uncomfortable tingling, a simple vibration on the bone, and others, will feel an immense pain in the back.

Try the experience and you’ll see!

mandala spine tattoos

Like the tattoo back, the spine tattoos could prevent women tattooed to receive an epidural during childbirth.

women spine tattoo

The order of doctors allow this practice but some anesthetists continue to refuse epidurals tattooed because of poorly known risks and poorly evaluated that may affect the child.

It will be necessary, at all costs, to inform you with the anesthesiologist who takes care of you.

We have selected the most beautiful spine tattoos on the spine.

spine tattoo art

Most beautistas have already cracked for a tattoo, whether on the arm or ankle … So necessarily, to stand out, it’s not easy. But have you thought about the skin designs that can dress your spine?

At once stylish, sexy and delicate, the spine tattoos placed along the column fits all. The back area allows you to adopt both large spine tattoos, and more discreet that you can choose to place them on the upper back or lower back.

Stars, quotes, writings, dream catchers … give free rein to your imagination. Everything is possible !

And for more inspiration, we have selected the most beautiful spine tattoos to dress your spine. All you have to do is choose your tattoo!

galaxy spine tattoo

tree spine tattoo

roses spine tattoo

lion spine tattoo

rose spine tattoo

spine tattoo ideas

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