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40 Yin Yang Tattoo Designs and Symbols

The Yin Yang Tattoo are perhaps the ones that can be seen most often, at least as far as yin yang tattoo of symbols are concerned. This is not surprising, as the figure of yin and yang has a very balanced and contrasted visual result and, moreover, this symbol has a deep meaning, which is easy to identify with.

hand yin yang tattoo

What is important in this drawing is that it emphasizes complementarity, because the two elements do not go without each other. It is important to mention that what matters in this symbol is that a white dot appears in the black area and a black dot appears in the white area. This demonstrates what we said above: they alone do not make sense and can only exist in combination with their opposite. An example will help to better understand the metaphor behind this symbol: a good man is never good at one hundred percent. In him, there will always be a little malice. It is an inevitable thing and essential to the balance of the world.

boobs yin yang tattoo

Nothing is ever complete without its opposite, each thing needs its opposite to exist. There is no top without stockings, winter without summer, solitude if we do not know what the company is we could continue to quote examples to infinity.

cats yin yang tattoo

Yin and yang put the emphasis on balance. Although they are opposing forces, they do not encroach on each other. When one grows up, the other too; the equilibrium is therefore always reached in the end. This is a concept much sought after by people who are yin yang tattoo with this type of drawings: balance is important in all aspects of their lives. People who yin yang tattoo want to point out that extremes are almost never good and that intermediate solutions are usually the best option.

japanese yin yang tattoo

It is not fair to say that yin and yang are opposing forces, since at one point they can change their position. Two concrete examples of this inversion would be when the day gives way to night or when life gives way to death. The existence of one marks the existence of the other and vice versa. It is also what happens with people because without the others we would be nothing. We need others to grow and develop. It is also a reference to the human being as a social being.

realistic yin yang tattoo

Even though we said at the beginning of the article that yin and yang are a symbol that we often find and in many drawings, we must not forget that it is always possible to innovate and introduce new ones. elements. To conclude, yin and yang is a very attractive and important element, which has a deep meaning, even if some people may not fully understand it. But it can be a good design to be yin yang tattoo, even if I personally would recommend to innovate in a certain way – although it may seem difficult because the essence of yin and yang is in its color and form. But we can add new elements or look for new areas of the body where to get yin yang tattoo, in different sizes.

back yinyang tattoo

fire yin yang tattoo

wheel yin yang tattoo

colorful yin yang tattoo

swan yin yang tattoo

yin yang tattoo illustration

yin yang tattoo couple

yin yang tattoo art

flowers yin yang tattoo

flower yin yang tattoos

flower yin yang tattoo

yin yang tattoo black

mandala yin yang tattoo

minimal yin yang tattoo

cat yin yang tattoo

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