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40 Best Uv Black Light Tattoo Ideas

In the summer during the day in the office short sleeved running around or serious in customer talks occur, some tattoo fans can only dream. Because: Tattoos are still not accepted in many occupations today, or at least only up to a certain career level. Then it means: hide tattoos, remove or renounce the career. Tattoo friends often have to make a decision for life.B

For some time, however, promises a new fashion trend remedy, which is increasingly discussed in the news or on beauty blogs: so-called UV tattoos that are seen only under black light, even shine there. Often elements of conventionally engraved subjects are combined with black light ink. Sports stars and online influencers are happy to show their image art and video on Facebook or Instagram with their blacklight artworks.

In 2019, interest in these trends will continue to increase. What is it about and how safe or dangerous are these tattoos? That’s what this article is about.

What is a UV tattoo?

UV (short for ultraviolet) tattoos are tattoos that are stung with special colors. These (UV) colors cause the images to be visible only under black light, yes: such a tattoo even glows in beautiful colors, so they attract some attention in the club with this particular style. This so-called fluorescent neon ink hides under the skin and is as good as invisible during the day.

However, there are restrictions here. Really invisible in sunlight are only UV tattoos that are engraved with the ink or color Titanium White. All other colors are also visible during the day – albeit only slightly. The scratches of the tattoo needle sometimes leave marks on the skin. Some beauty experts therefore consider this technique critically.

Incidentally, UV tattoos have been developed to protect animals. Since the 90s, they are used in the animal kingdom, long-term studies on the late effects of UV in humans, there are not yet. Ravers discovered neon colors as tattooing in themselves, now the black light tattoo is also discussed as an option for working people.

Risks of blacklight tattoos-uv tattoo

As with all tattoos, even with UV tattoos, the colors or ink used can be repelled by the immune system and lead to allergic reactions. According to the manufacturer, they are free of toxins, but there are no scientific studies on possible long-term consequences yet. Inflammations, swelling or rashes are possible consequences and even years after the UV tattoo has been stung.

With UV tattoos, there is a problem with piercing: they can not be stung in normal lighting, but only under UV light or black light so that the tattoo artist can see the color well. The poor visibility complicates the tattooist’s work, but that’s not the only reason the stinging of UV tattoos takes longer than that of other tattoos. Many tattoo artists have a hard time stinging a black light tattoo with love, there are too many distracting factors.U

The pigments of UV inks are also larger, which makes the tattoo artist extra careful and therefore takes more time. Therefore you should plan a good one third more time for a UV tattoo. The removal of UV tattoos can take even longer. This is because of the special color namely extremely delicate and anything but free.

Removal of UV tattoos

The human body is unable to break down the fluorescent colors itself. This makes the removal of UV tattoos particularly problematic. Due to the special colors, it is often impossible to work with lasers here. So there is a threat of surgical removal and that means pain and scarring. Only with laser removal can tattoos be removed as painlessly, efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Before you can get a UV-tattoo, you should think even more about whether you want to take the health risks and whether you really want to shine in nightclubs forever. UV tattoos are just no fashion trends or trendy accessories such. Hairstyles that can be quickly cut away. It is best not to listen to any tips from a star on this topic who wants to be a trendsetter: our web site will be pleased to advise you comprehensively and enlighteningly.

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