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25 Roman Numeral Tattoo and Meanings

The Roman numeral tattoo can sometimes express a particular moment of life that deserves to be frozen forever on the skin through a particular date. Whether it’s a child’s date of birth or a date of meeting, it has changed the life of the person who will wear it forever so as not to forget that fateful moment.

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The Roman Empire, despite its demise, has left a huge legacy: its additive numbering system, in other words: its numbers.

They are always used to indicate the centuries, the chapters of a book or even to read the time on the dial of the clock in front of his office to be sure to return his article on time!

In this article, you will discover the different meanings that Roman numeral tattoo can have, as well as the location to have them tattooed on the body.

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What is the Meaning of Roman Numeral Tattoo?

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Roman Numeral Tattoo , which can be compared to tattooed lettering, are appreciated by tattooed people. Having a Roman numeral inked on the skin is often used to immortalize an important date related for example to a birth, a death, a meeting or an event like a wedding. One could say that the use of a number, in the field of tattooing, is a way to keep your garden secret while being able to carry a strong sign.

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Number 1 can correspond to individualism, 2 to union, 3 to trinity, 4 to stability, 5 to balance, 6 to protection, 7 to luck, 8 optimism and 9 to fullness. The 13th is a figure that represents misfortune, bad luck. The 666 is the Number of the Beast  the evil.

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The Roman numeral tattoo is suitable for women and men. What seduces is the way the numbers are arranged. It can be discreet or visible, small or rather large. The Roman numeral tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. The most used parts are forearm, chest, back, shoulder and neck. It is not uncommon to see a watercolor tattoo combined with Roman numerals or a realistic tattoo with the numbers engraved in the rock, the sequence of numbers can be accompanied by other elements such as a heart or Cupid.

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Soon, drawings of Roman numeral tattoo began to appear more and more frequently in tattoo studios, without having anything in common with their original meaning. Because of the versatility of the different roman numeral tattoo letters that can be used for a roman numeral tattoo , this style began to be used by all tattooed people, regardless of their country’s proximity to Romanesque culture.

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As is the case for the majority of digital tattoos, Roman numeral tattoo designs have a meaning that is known only to those who wear them. Some of the most common meanings of roman numeral tattoo are:

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A date of birth or marriage, the date of birth of our children, a lucky number, our own date of birth, a number of protection.

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