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22 Best Bull Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Humanity has been fascinated by these animals since prehistoric times. The same applies to the tattoos it is a very popular motive in the men in this article you will learn the story about the bulls and learn how the tattoo motives in individual mean.

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In old rock paintings one can observe pictures and bull tattoo silhouettes. Many cultures and ancient civilizations, as well as past and modern religions, refer to the bull as a sacred animal. Because of the masculinity, its power and its impressive presence, the bull tattoo was an icon for the people in many ancient antiquities. For example, the bull was worshiped as a sacred animal in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, the Roman Empire and Egypt. In ancient Egypt, people worshiped the deity of the bull Apis, who was an important part of religious ceremonies in this culture. In the Hindu tradition, the mighty deity Shiva is often depicted riding a bull. In the symbolism of the traditional Celts, the bull tattoo represents physical strength and power. According to the Celtic way of thinking, the bull was also exceedingly masculine and therefore also symbolizes fertility and power to reproduce, thus increasing the size and life of his clan , The Celtic Druids connect the bull with the solar energy and the cow with the earth energy. The bull tattoo was also a symbol of great luxury, wealth and abundant facilities for the Celts.

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The Story of Bull Tattoo

Some of the earliest cave drawings of the bulls were found in France. The mysterious Bull tattoo of Heaven is a prominent sign in the Gilgamesh epic, which seems to be a close parallel to the biblical versions of the Great Flood and the story of Adam and Eve. Many ancient cultures and modern religions around the world are of the opinion that bulls are sacred; In ancient Egypt, the cult of the bull deity Apis was an integral part of the religious ceremonies in the country. In the Hindu tradition, the mighty god Shiva is often portrayed riding a bull. To show their entry into masculinity, boys jump over the back of the strongest bull in the village. Numerous important religious festivals and rituals include a healthy bull as the highest and noblest form of animal sacrifice.

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The Meaning of Bull Tattoo

In the picture on Wall Street, bulls embody strength and strength. It ‘s no wonder people with a fighting spirit and a never – down attitude, such as former WWE wrestler The Rock, identify with these majestic creatures. Bull Tattoo symbolize designs:

  • Provision
  • Spirituality
  • Sexual performance
  • Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Harmony
  • Power
  • Protection

Bull¬† Tattoos Although a skull is the epitome of death and destruction, a bull skull – much like a buffalo skull – symbolizes life and prosperity in Indian American folklore. In fact, the two are often interchangeable. In contrast, during the Wild West days, seeing a bull’s skull caused death to be near, as these bones were usually found in parched, unbridled lands.In this article we talk about bull tattoo ideas and their meanings. If you like this type of animal tattoos, do not forget to follow us. Thank you for visiting us.

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