Photography tattoo to show your love for art
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20 Photography Tattoo To Show Your Love For Art

Photography tattoo (and cameras), whether vintage or digital, are examples of inventions of which we must be grateful because they are the only means, outside of our brains, capable of immortalizing our most precious memories .


Best Photography Tattoo For Art

There is nothing more irreplaceable for a photographer, whether amateur or professional, than his camera. Those who do not dedicate themselves to this passion also like cameras a lot, and rightly so, because thanks to them, we can immortalize forever certain moments.

Getting a tattoo of camera or related items on this device will always be a symbolic memory.


A good drawing

One way to decorate your skin with a real camera is to use the technique of black and gray, and to make great use of shadows.

Black and gray work is used to create a kind of 3D effect without using colors. The most important features of the design (buttons, lenses and other details of the device) will be added in white.

White ink can also be used to soften the sharp transitions between the different tones of the drawing of a device, so your tattoo can be viewed from a side, front… as you wish: it there is no limit.

Similarly, if you want to add an inscription, with the white letters, it will become the focal point of your body art work.


Other camera tattoo ideas

1- If you want a tattoo that attracts attention, you can ask your tattoo artist to add some details to your camera drawing, such as a bird, plane, mountain or forest.

2- If you are ready for a large tattoo, consider this option: a camera with a roll of film placed over the entire back.

3- Old cameras, or vintage, with words that literally come out of the lens are always a good idea.

4- The different lens openings are great to represent on the skin.

5- Two cameras united by a garland of flowers can have a sensational rendering on the chest.

6- You can choose a 3D camera tattoo accompanied by elements like brushes, to show that photography is an art as important as painting.

7- You can also ask the tattoo artist to print an old camera with the words “Stay Analog”, which means you get used to the roots.













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