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20 Most Dangerous Eyeball Tattoos

If the tattoo has become considerably democratized in recent years, some practices such as tattoos on the face remain unappreciated. But in recent years, extreme practice of body modification is much criticized, it is the tattoo of the eyeball. This practice was first performed in Toronto about seven years ago by body modification experts Shannon Larratt and LunaCobra. Through trial and error, our two pioneers established a procedure for eye tattooing. Since then, a handful of artists around the world are making this change.


Best Eyeball Tattoos Of The Year

So how is an ocular tattoo done? To put it mildly, the term “tattoo” is a little misleading here because the procedure is totally different, there is no question of using a dermograph or needles filled with ink. In the case of ocular tattooing, it is an injection of ink via a syringe, even if tests using the traditional tattooing method have been carried out, the method commonly used by the community is that of injection. In addition, it is impossible to make complex patterns, it is just possible to mix different colors.

Concerning the risks, they are numerous in the short term, prolonged headache, sensitivity to the light, deterioration of the sight, troubled vision, risk of migration of the ink in the surrounding tissues, risk of infection following the injection , can lead to serious complications see the loss of the eye. In short, you will understand, the risks are very numerous but that’s not all, the procedure is recent, long-term effects are completely unknown. Those who make this change today must be aware that it could have serious long-term consequences.


When one studies the subject a little, the question that comes up most often is the same as that for the classic tattoo: “Does it hurt? A priori, for most people, the tattoo of the eye would be less painful than the classic tattoo. However, for a small minority, it would still be very painful. As for the classic tattoo, the answer is complex because the perception of pain diverges between each individual.

Finally, if you are considering making such a modification, know that the procedure is for the moment completely irreversible, unlike the classic tattoo, the laser can not do anything for you and as you can imagine, impossible to make a cover on a eye.



















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