150 Sword Tattoos and Their Meaning
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150 Sword Tattoos and Their Meaning

Wearing a sword tattoos are  way to show strength, authority and even indicate your cultural heritage. There are many different ways to incorporate a sword into a larger sword tattoos design.

arm sword tattoo

arm tattoo sword

chest sword tattoo

game sword tattoo

butterfly sword tattoos

back sword tattoo

Meanings of drawings of sword tattoos

Sword tattoos can mean a lot of things, depending on the culture they represent. Here are some of the most common meanings:

  • Leadership
  • Justice
  • Bravery
  • Strength
  • Aggression
  • Protection of family / loved ones
  • Taking action / action
  • Cultural heritage
  • Magical / supernatural powers
  • Christianity
  • Unit
  • Freedom

Different variations of sword tattoos

The famous sword of King Arthur is a symbol of royalty, power and strength. The magic associated with this sword is particularly powerful and if you decide to have a drawing of Excalibur tattooed, some of these powers could become yours!

flaming sword tattoo

blood sword tattoo

bilbo sword tattoo

cool tattoo for men

gameofthrones sword tattoo

sword tattoos design

Crossed swords

Crossed swords often symbolize unity, an alliance, or the fact that two families join together in the heraldic tradition. This is why cross swords are  tattoos design particularly suitable for couples wishing to represent the unity of their two families when they marry or engage with each other.

Crossed swords tattoo

Flaming swords

Often worn by angels, flaming swords are a great tattoo for those who wish to show their Christian faith in a unique and powerful way

flame sword tattoo

flaming sword tattoo

Winged sword

This drawing is also connected to Christianity: winged swords are often seen as symbols representing a protective archangel and were popular symbols with the Crusaders of the Middle Ages. Doing a wingedsword sword tattoos can be a way of remembering that your guardian angel is always with you, protecting you in battles, big and small. You can also have this tattoo done in memory of a deceased loved one whom you know is watching over you from the sky.

wing sword tattoo

winged sword tattoo

Dragon and sword

A dragon and sword tattoos can represent your Asian heritage or the conquest of an enemy. In myths and legends, heroes must kill dragons to achieve their goals, making these mythical beasts representations of the personal fears and obstacles that the human race faces. If the dragon is accompanied by a Samurai sword, it creates a clear representation of your Japanese heritage or affinity with Japanese culture.

dragon sword tattoo

dragon sword tattoos

dark wing sword tattoo

sword dragon tattoo

Sword and heart

A sword stuck in the heart is a common symbol of grief, despair, betrayal and grief that love can cause. People often get tattooed after a particularly difficult break-up or divorce or after the death of a loved one, as a symbol of mourning.

Sword and heart tattoo

Swordheart tattoo

Rose and sword

The drawing of rose and sword is a tattoo popular with both men and women. A series of roses surrounding a sword can represent the power of love and its ability to resolve conflicts, while a sword piercing a rose can represent grief and loss. Red roses are often more popular for this design but consider also the use of other colors: each color of pink has a different meaning (red for love, white for purity and innocence, yellow for joy and friendship and pink for happiness and admiration), that’s why you should choose the one that suits you / best suits the personal meaning this tattoo has for you.

rose and sword tattoo

rose sword tattoo

rose sword tattoos

Sword and shield

It’s one of the best sword tattoos for a veteran veteran, a military historian or any individual who considers himself the protector of his family or the people he loves. But the dual imagery of this sword tattoos also indicates the potential vulnerability of a person: the shield is necessary to protect against attacks.

shiel sword tattoos

shield sword tattoo

shield tattoo

sword and shield tattoo

Sword and skull

The symbol of a skull and crossed swords is often associated with piracy and, by extension, the freedom that exists on the high seas. It may also have a more pernicious meaning: when this symbol was hoisted, it meant that the attacked ship had to “surrender or die”. Another sword and skull and sword tattoos option is that of a sword stuck through the top of the skull. This drawing may symbolize the fact that the wearer has exceeded his fear of death.

skull sword tattoo

skull sword tattoos

sword skull tattoo

Sword and skull tattoo

Snake and sword

The drawing of a snake around a sword is the universal symbol of healing, medicine and the medical profession: this is why it is a perfect sword tattoos for doctors, nurses or emergency personnel.

snake sword tattoo

snake and sword tattoo

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