15 Best Japanese Traditional Samurai Tattoos
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15 Best Japanese Traditional Samurai Tattoos

Prepare your kimono and katana, as you are about to see a gallery full of images of these powerful and iconic Japanese warriors, for whom honor is a maxim of life. Immerse yourself in this exciting Asian culture with our fantastic japanese samurai tattoos image gallery featuring samurai protagonists.


Most Tattooed Samurai Tattoos Of 2019

To talk about the history of samurai we have to go back to Japan in the tenth century. These formidable warriors, considered as the military elite, initially served the Japanese emperor and the surrounding nobility, but they became more and more numerous and eventually ended up forming their own branch within the government of the time. The samurai took great pride in following a moral code of standards called “Bushido”, a word that means “The way of the warrior”. This strict code of conduct governed the following areas: virtue, value, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor and loyalty.


The images chosen to make these tattoos are often drawings ranging from isolated discrete symbols to large and elaborate battle scenes. For many people, these tattoos symbolize strength, value, honor, victory over opponents or freedom of spirit. Large areas of the body, such as the back, provide an ideal setting for these large tattoos of samurai battle scenes but in contrast, tattoos of symbols or smaller designs can be placed that almost any part of the body and made with any color.



These tattoos often show images of traditional samurai masks.

Originally, these masks with drawings showing terrifying and intimidating faces of demons or supernatural beings had only one use. On the one hand, they protected the warrior’s identity and hid his emotions during combat, and on the other, they served to intimidate his enemies.

Apart from the traditional images of samurai, katanas and masks, the large samurai tattoos also contained other symbols that are very representative of Japanese culture, such as dragons, representing value, strength and freedom, the Koi fish. symbols of perseverance in the face of the adverb, and the famous geishas, ​​evoking all that is feminine, gracious and adorable.












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