10 Lady Gaga Tattoos and Their Meanings
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10 Lady Gaga Tattoos and Their Meanings

Most of Lady Gaga tattoos are on the left side of her body, because her father wanted her to keep a “normal” part. She explains: “He asked me to stay, on one side, pretty much normal. So I only have Lady Gaga’s tattoos on the left. I think he sees my right side as my side Marilyn Monroe, and he sees my left as my side Iggy Pop. I made them all naturally to the left, then one day I talked about making me make one on the right, and my father somehow asked me: ‘Could you leave your madness on the left?’ ”
At the moment,  counts a total of 22 Lady Gaga tattoos (or 21 if you consider the treble clef and the roses covering it as one and the same Lady Gaga tattoos ): all are well located on the left, except one on the arm right, and one in the middle of the skull. However, she only had one piercing, which she only wore for a while.

lady gaga new tattoo

lady gaga rose tattoo


This “Peace” sign is a tribute to John Lennon, whom she admires immensely, but also has a meaning and serves as a reminder to Lady Gaga tattoos to keep her feet on the ground. She said, “My sign ‘peace’ was inspired by John Lennon. I grew up two blocks from the Strawberry Fields Memorial. It is actually located one block from where John Lennon was murdered. And I’m a big fan of the Beatles, John Lennon, Yoko Ono. So “give peace a chance”. The sense in which he is placed is not trivial either; Gaga explains: “You will notice that if you look at it, it is upside down, but for me it is in the place. I put it in that direction because I wanted it to be a reminder to me that even though I write fun music, with glitter and panties, and on fame and money, I still have to keep in mind the important things.

gaga tattoo peace


This Lady Gaga tattoos are composed of three daisies and ribbons. Lady Gaga tattoos never gave any explanation for this one, however according to some, he could represent the other three members of his family: his parents and his sister.

Marguerites lady gaga tattoo

Roses and Treble clef

This Lady Gaga tattoos has evolved over the years. the floor key in the center was made in 2003 when she was only 17 years old; she used a fake ID card to get it done (and got her parents’ wrath).
Gaga then added roses on the left side, and finally other roses filling the void between the first two tattoos. The Lady Gaga tattoos of these last roses was filmed; you can watch it below. Lady Gaga tattoos also admitted that the roses were only a way to hide the floor key, since she regretted her location, which was provocative to her.

Tokyo Love

This Lady Gaga tattoos is located near the one with daisies and ribbons. It was followed by a photo shoot with Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki for Vogue Japan; it is also about his writing. Gaga explains: “The Lady Gaga tattoos is a tribute to the collaboration of the Haus with the legendary Japanese photographer Araki. I was tied by Araki’s personal bondage artist, with several strings and Japanese knots, and through visceral bondage and several sexual experiences of torture, Araki photographed me, using multiple cameras. He did not photograph my image; he photographed my soul. We spent the night with Araki and his friends at a private bar that has been his home for over 20 years, where he exhibits his work. There, he painted me, and took Polaroid pictures all night long. I was honored to be the first American woman he photographed, and only the second pop artist, just after Björk. He signed the Polaroids “Tokyo Love”, and the Haus was made tattoos of this autograph in tribute.

tokyo love tattoo

Rainer Maria Rilke

This Lady Gaga tattoos is a quote from the correspondence of the Austrian poet and writer Rainer Maria Rilke with the young German poet Franz Kappus: “Letters to a young poet. It reflects Gaga’s need for permanent creation, which is intensely reflected in this quote.
Here is the translation:
“Seek the reason which, in the end, commands you to write; examine whether it spreads its roots to the deepest part of your heart. Ask yourself at the quietest hour of your night: would you have to die if you were forbidden to write? ”
She also added, between the lines, the date of death of her aunt Joanne
Gaga said, regarding this Lady Gaga tattoos : “I tattooed it on my arm so that every day I remember that my gift is writing, and that I must do it. This is not an option. It’s like breathing. “Discover  and  photos of the Lady Gaga tattoos being made.

Rainer Maria Rilke tattoo


We noticed this “Dad” tattoo at the MOCA Gala, but Lady Gaga tattoos told us about it beforehand in interviews. With this Lady Gaga tattoos , she pays tribute to her father, who had, at the time, underwent open heart surgery; she was very afraid of losing it, and moreover wrote “Speechless” to beg him to do this operation. When she told him that she was planning on being tattooed, “he had tears in his eyes and said: Well, you’re running out of space, so do not make it too big.

Gaga Dad tattoo

Little Monsters

This Lady Gaga tattoos “Little Monsters” pays tribute to his little monsters (his fans); it is located near the quote of Rilke. It was done after Gaga won her first Grammy Awards for “The Fame” and “Poker Face”. In unveiling it via Twitter, she wrote: “We won big tonight little monsters. I am so proud to make music for you. I hope to continue to inspire you as you inspire me. You are everything to me. And then “Look what I did last night. Little monsters forever, on the arm with which I hold my microphone.

Gaga little monster tattoo

 Beautiful Meanings Tattoos


This is a unicorn with ribbon-inscribed the name of his 3rd album, “Born This Way”. The unicorn, besides being the symbol of the album, is the favorite mystical creature of Gaga, because it represents all that is marginal and magical; his difference is his strength. She said, “I had ‘My Little Pony’ . I was obsessed with the idea of a creature born with something magical, which made it somehow marginal in the world of stallions. I’m actually pretty obsessed with unicorns. The unicorn was born magic, and it’s not her fault, and it does not make her more or less special, or less unique, but she can not help it, she was born with this magic.

little monster tattoo


This is the title of Lady Gaga’s 4th album; it is by this Lady Gaga tattoos that she has also revealed the name to her fans via her social network LittleMonsters.com. However, the artpop concept is also something that applies to his entire career: “I live between two things – I live between art and pop, constantly.

Lady Gaga artpop tattoo


This anchor was made with Taylor Kinney, her boyfriend. He was tattooed a small suitcase ; these two elements together represent their love: the anchor for stability, and the suitcase for Gaga’s travels often on tour. Gaga also has a necklace with both symbols. Note that the anchor is also a nod to the siren played by Gaga in the clip “You And I”, where the lovers met.

lady gaga anchor tattoo

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